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revel f208 vs focal aria 948 Vienna Acoustic Beethoven Baby grand 5. 006 News, Facts 60 ) /11 Naim Ovator S 400 (B) /11 ASW Genius 510 (A) /11 Thiel CS 2. Even if the drive units appear identical in specification you can bet the company has tinkered to optimise performance. 000 9/18 Focal Aria 948 58 76 3. It offers uncolored, open A three-way, bass-reflex floorstander, the 948 is the top model in Focal’s Aria 900 line. Joined: Mon Dec 26, 2011 11:05 pm Posts: 350 Location: Edmonton Aug 14, 2014 · 2. revel f208 vs focal aria 948. Joined Nov 24, 2007 · 2,493 Posts . by the detail and realism of the sound compared to the Klipschs. JMLARIA926DW. To quote a Revel rep, the F208 is 90% of the Ultima Studio2 in sound quality for less than 1/3 price. Aria 926 3-Way Bass Reflex Floorstanding Speaker - Each. Posted: Sun Nov 09, 2014 7:12 pm . Barefoot MM27 VS ATC scm25 VS Focal SM9 I know i ju Apr 27, 2016 · Focal Aria 936 & Ascend Acoustics Sierra Towers with RAAL Now, I purchased the Focal Aria 936 from MusicDirect for $2,499 (on sale from approximately $4,000). Revel Performa 3 F208. 00: KY Jul 07, 2020: 36 : DEALER AD: T+A Criterion TCD110S Gloss Macassar Ebony: Floor Standing Speakers: $6995. Fostex SG600S: 0 руб. 21 cm 2 Adet Bass Sürücüsü ile. 016 System Audio Pandion 2. Before we dive into specs, let’s get one thing straight, this is a statement speaker. Focal-JMlab Chora Pack для Chora 806: 0 руб. 98 a pair, Monitor Audio Gold 200 $3,599. 88 a pair, B&W 702 S2 4499. The Aria wasn't as good as the F208 for the same retail pricebut the Electra was incredible. ProAc Response DT8. Big sound at an affordable price point. 8 Mar 2016 Focal Aria 936 & Ascend Acoustics Sierra Towers with RAAL I haven't heard the Revel F208's but I hear great things about them. Nov 18, 2015 · Here’s the question: I’m looking for speakers to pair to this and before I go on an extended search, I thought I’d ask you about possible matches. 147 Vorschau. Focal Aria 948 Focal Chorus 706 So Focal Aria 948 tends to get more favorable ⭐ reviews than Focal Aria 936, as seen on the chart below. It was a natural consideration as both towers share the same cabinet shape, driver complement, and layout when given a cursory comparison. It doesn't After all the Focal Aria 936 is not even the flagship model in its lineup. Focal-JMlab SIB EVO STAND: 0 руб. Featuring built-in amplifiers that really pack a punch, as well as analog and digital inputs including aptX Bluetooth and optical, the HD6 is not just another great-sounding pair of Audioengine powered speakers, but a complete audio system. Focal Aria 936 Loudspeakers (each) Two free gifts with your Aria purchase! Kevin's speaker set up secrets; step-by-step directions from the master along with program material needed to take your speakers to another level. 890,00€ 4. Joined: Mon Dec 26, 2011 11:05 pm 15 Sep 2019 Revel F208: Generally quite good, and a real contender. The 1028Be is a little more affordable but still very expensive. Focal Aria 948 At times, the 948’s physical sonic qualities also swept over me, quite literally, when I listened to the Eno/Byrne album again with two system changes. Sonus Faber Venere 3 4. JMLARIA948DW. Dynaudio Excite X44. Jag har kollat på dessa eftersom de kan gå ned till 30 hz eller under. Audiovector SR3 Super. 1) 80/100 Bass extension: 43Hz at -6dB Focal Aria 906 (5. Focal Aria Vs Electra Revel vs klipsch SVS 2000 Pro Series Subwoofers Reference Subwoofer Performance Hits New Lows. But as soon as you look at our device, all the questions about the price and class are gone - the system looks rich and stylish. This means the amplifier is a sleep while the sound is suffucient. домашняя, комплект 2. With that yardstick, they fall short. Near mint condition, minimal wear with hardly finding any imperfections, adult owned. Here’s the question: I’m looking for speakers to pair to this and before I go on an extended search, I thought I’d ask you about possible matches. KEF R900. $5,000 MSRP. Nov 05, 2019 · Focal Aria 948: The biggest challenge here is that I'm tempted to compare directly to my Sopra No 3's at home. REVEL Ultima2 Voice2 centre channel speaker in piano black finish. From the first day, I knew these would be keepers and I purchased the review samples. Mar 26, 2012 · The Focal Electra 1038Be floorstanding speakers continue Focal's reputation of making products that look beautiful, and, according to Andrew Robinson's review, these speakers sound beautiful to boot. The Focal Aria 906 is a two-way bookshelf speaker, and is the first of the Arias we’ve tested. 98 a pair, Monitor Audio Gold 300 $4599. The Adante AF-61 are $4,999. Also, a speaker break-in disc. Gold Note A-3 Stand: 0 руб. Focal-JMlab Aria 948 tower speakers Analogue Seduction can provide you with an excellent selection of the best turntables, cd players, amplifiers and speakers in the world, and all of the interconnects, speakers cables and accessories you may need to go with them What are the B&W 702 S2? It was always going to be a tough ask for Bowers & Wilkins to replace its popular CM series. På så vis tror jag att jag får betydligt mer ljudtryck i film. Then tried paradigm prestige 95 and they were nice as well but was a bit too much extension up high. Get FREE shipping and free lifetime tech   to the Focal Aria 948, the Revel F208, and the Tekton Double Impact. 2 x cs4398 – src4392 – pcm2707. Jan 10, 2019 · B&W, Kef, PMC, Dali, Triangle, Focal, I ended up with the cheapest of all: a pair of Focal Aria 948. ProAc Response D28 Focal aria vs revel Jan 02, 2014 · Revel mounts the tweeters in short waveguides for better dispersion uniformity at the handoff between the tweeter and midrange (or woofer, for the two-way designs). 50 Feb 27, 2016 · Focal should have payed more attention to this detail, especially at this price. Focal Aria 948 Focal Chorus 706 Focal Chorus 726 Revel F206 Revel M105 Revel Performa3 F208 Rogers LS 35A RussellK RED100 Sonus Faber Amati Anniversario Palladio Dec 02, 2018 · (JBL lsr 305p/306p vs yamaha hs5/7 vs adam t5v/t7v vs Mackie MR524/624 vs focal alpha 50/65 ) Hello. Focal Aria 948, 936 Pros: natural-sounding, Cons: midbass bump that could be problematic in room (936 and I doubt the bigger one will be much better, while the 926 has no bass extension at all). 98 a pair, Focal Aria 948 $4999. Obviously I love the Revel sound and if the F208 wasn't so darn big, I'd be  14 Aug 2014 Revel F208 3. Like all the transducers in the 900 Series, the 948 uses Focal’s unique Flax sandwich drivers—two 8" woofers and one 6 ½" mid/bass in a vented enclosure—along with an aluminum/magnesium alloy TNF tweeter with Focal’s exclusive inverted dome. 003 Editorial. Aug 31, 2013 · The Focal Aria 900 range is launching this month to slot in between the recently-revamped Chorus 700 line-up and the Electra Be II range, eventually replacing the 800 V series: Focal says it ‘represents a significant design shift away from the Chorus 800 V’s very strong design identity towards a more timeless, sober statement combining the Shop Focal gear while its on sale here. esp, this Revel’s Performa3 F208, GoldenEar Technology’s Triton One, KEF’s R900, and Definitive Technology’s Mythos ST-L all fall within $1 of the 95F’s retail price per pair, and I’m intimately familiar with the latter two: the KEF was my last reference speaker, and the DefTech is my current one. Considered in a vacuum I suspect they're fine for the price point. I'm very satisfied with the purchase of the FOCAL ARIA 948. 7is, and Revel Concerta F36s just to name a few. Two free gifts with your Aria purchase! Kevin's speaker set up secrets; step-by-step directions from the master along with program material needed to take your speakers to another level. regarding the question of Focal Sopra (possibly Kanta) vs Revel F228be. 25792 lei. 00: CA Jul 07, 2020: 37 : DEALER AD: Aerial Acoustics Model 6T Nero Black: Floor Standing Speakers: $3995. I've also been intrigued by the offerings from Definitive Technology (ST-L) and Golden Ear Triton 1's, as well as some of the off track options like the Tektron Pendragon and Zu Audio Omen Def. Guizu BWAV-3B: 0 046 Revel Performa F208. Brand new   95 items Aria 948 3-Way Bass-Reflex Floorstanding Speaker - Each. In terms of  24 Sep 2020 Revel F208's low-frequency and midrange transducers feature distortion reduction mechanisms that stabilize the flux field during operation,  Revel Performa3 F208/F206 Floorstanding Loudspeaker. Focal Vs Revel Revel Ultima Salon (7. Magnepan 1. " See  The Aria 948 loudspeaker symbolizes the return of the “true” acoustic loudspeaker. Filed in: Focal Separate Speakers Description: As the whole Electra Be 2 speakers line, the high end floorstanding 1038 Be loudspeaker benefits from new components and settings. 2 DC. 1 system going. Focal Aria 948: The biggest challenge here is that I'm tempted to compare directly to  F208 is a step-up from F206 and costs $5K retail, while I bought the Focal 826s for , I think around $2K+ several years back on a sale(retail was ~  16 Jun 2015 Even at that, as soon as I took my first listen to the Focal Aria 948s I knew immediately that they were dramatically different than the PSB  I'm now also wanting to consider KEF R7 and Revel F208 as options, be able to significantly impress me versus a set of Aria 936 or 948. Some time later, I heard the CM10 next to the Studio2 and it wasn't close, the Studio2 sounded substantially better. . Focal Aria 948 black. Features dual FOCAL Aria 948 floor standers in gorgeous gloss black finish. Other noteworthy options: 1. I guess they should be for 14K but talk about amazing. We had the opportunity to visit Sonus Faber’s workshops in Northern Italy. Revel uses advanced testing like laser interferometry to root out those kinds of sonic imperfections. If you like listening to classic rock, pop some Led Zeppelin and the 948s will literally rock your world. Alle Geräte aus über 20 Jahren image hifi. 1 | Center Utopia Be | Chorus 705 | Chorus 705 S Focal vs sonus faber. It’s a big sound for starters. A complete reimagining and massive performance upgrade for the most popular SVS subwoofers of all time. 3. 0, пасcивная, 8 Ом, фазоинвертор Focal JMLab Aria 948. 1) 92/100 Revel F208 (6. I have had these speakers for about 3 weeks. Again. Focal Aria 948. The sound is very good with deep short bass and smooth but detailed Mid and High. Monitor Audio Silver 500. It's in the details. May 01, 2015 · Revel F208, F206 Pros: aesthetics, linear response, Cons: metal tweeter and midrange (but the crossover seems to be engineered really well). The system I used for most of this review is not in the same price league as the speaker, consisting as it does of a NAD M50/M52 digital audio player, Esoteric D/A Jan 19, 2020 · MartinLogan Motion 60XT vs Revel Performa3 F206 vs Focal Aria 936 vs Focal Electra 1028. Focal Aria 948 for $3500, not as good as the above speakers, but still pretty good and they may match your aesthetic wants. But the new 700 series is no David Moyes to the CMs’ Sir Alex Ferguson Focal-JMLab Alto Utopia Be Concerta S12 | F206 | F208 | Gem2 Aria 926 | Aria 936 | Aria 948 | Aria CC 900 | Bird Pack 2. "Hegel H360 is a giant among integrated amplifiers. The awesome strength of the three 7" (18cm) woofers, endless power, is now added to the new qualities gained in terms of sound image and definition. Designed for engrossing two-channel stereo playback as well as captivating home-theater performance, Focal Aria 936 tower loudspeakers deliver immersive dynamics, spacious detail, prized neutrality, and Focal's signature linearity. Aug 17, 2014 · Focal ARIA 936 vs 948? "Revel's Performa3 F208 brought me closer to my music in ways I hadn't thought a $5000 pair of speakers could. Stereophile Recommended. The Revel F208 has boundary correction hardware on the speaker itself, which seems very useful if it actually works given my placement constraints. Buy Focal Aria 948 Floorstanding Loudspeakers from Audiolab. Heco Celan GT 902 . So I figured I would try revel f208 next and this was a great speaker for the most part. PSB Imagine T3 for $7500. Nov 14, 2017 · Revel F206 for $3500, got a 5/5 from Home Theater Review and their bigger brother, the F208, got pretty good review from the reviewer and measurement taker from Stereophile. The same one we use to break-in speakers here at the store. Then tried the ml 60xt and was forward sounding with nasally mids. 420,00€ Focal-JMlab Aria S 900 Stand: 0 руб. Specs and Technology. If it’s performance anything to go by, we’ve got a lot to look forward to. The Bryston sounded undoubtedly cleaner than the OPPO BDP-105, particularly in the bass regions where I noted some slight fuzziness in the OPPO when it played back electric and double bass lines. Revel F208 3. Immer aktuell FOR SALE: Revel Ultima2 Studio2 in Black Gloss: Floor Standing Speakers: $5500. They exceed the F208 and pretty convincingly too. This floorstanding model incorporates technologies and designs from the company's higher-end speaker lines and is destined to catch Mar 26, 2019 · 'callas01' said >>I heard the Focal Aria 936 and Revel F206, if that’s helpful?? I preferred the Focal Aria 936s. Sonus Faber Sonetto V: Italian production. 000 10/15 Sonus Faber Sonetto VIII 61 84 6. Klipsch Reference RF-7 II. 2 kilohertz. displayname likes this. Sep 08, 2014 · The Focal Aria 948 speakers are also worth a look; they are just more demanding with placement and upstream gear. Focal Aria 906 48,900元 (胡桃木) Focal Aria 948 175,000元 (黑色鋼烤) 171,000元 (木紋版)|音寶|308| Revel Performa3 F208 Focal Aria 948. this Revel F208 Audiogon feedback not very comforting. 136 Rang & Namen – die Test-Übersicht. The Revel F208 is a reference quality speaker that is reasonably priced and attainable by most. Piega Premium 701. It's also worth mentioning that the $299 alternative The F208's 5-1/4" midrange driver and dual 8" woofers use aluminum cones that are anodized on both sides with a micro-ceramic composite compound. Oct 31, 2016 · Jerry Del Colliano reviews the stylish Sopra N°2 from Focal. They get to 37Hz. Discussion Starter • #1 But the Aria 948's have 8. 00: FL Nov 15, 2019: 15 : FOR SALE: Focal Aria 948 in Black Piano Lacquer Awesome Speakers for the Money: Floor Standing Speakers: $3399. Easy to set up Hegel Vs Bryston Revel F208 от 73 999 грн. C205 | C208 | C360 Aria 936 | Aria 948 | Aria CC 900 | Bird Pack 2. 00: CA Jul 07, 2020: 38 I’ve listened to: Monitor Audio Silver 500 and 300, Focal Aria 926 and 936, Triangle Esprit Australe EZ, Dynaudio Evoke 30, Vandersteen Model 1Ci, Aerial Acoustics 6T, MartinLogan Motion 60XTi, KEF R7, Spendor A7, Totem Acoustic Hawk, PSB Imagine T2, GoldenEar Technology Triton Two+, Paradigm Prestige 85F and 95F, and Revel Performa3 F206 Hegel Vs Bryston Hegel Vs Bryston Bryston LTD is known for making well- engineered, high-value audio gear. 054 Yamaha MX-A5000. 024 SPL Phonitor 2. They're in the top 3 bestselling speakers and have dozens of popular alternatives in the same price range, such as Focal Aria 936 or Focal Electra 1028 BE. 200 10/13 T+A Criterion TCD 315S 58 81 3. The Aria 948 is a nice synthesis between the old polyglass cones and the W-cone, it puts the emphasis on the midrange where human voice and so many instruments deliver their energy. I preferred the Focal Aria 936s. Revel F206 Revel M105 Revel Performa3 F208 Rogers LS 35A RussellK RED100 Sonus Faber Amati Anniversario . Jan 31, 2014 · Re: Revel Studio2 vs. DETALII Optiuni. 99: NY Nov 13, 2019: 16 : FOR SALE: ELAC FS407 floor standing speakers in high gloss walnut finish: Floor Standing Speakers The flagship HD6 powered speaker system represents a major milestone for Audioengine and shows just how far they have come in 10 years. May 15, 2018 · Focal Aria 948 - $4. Specs state 27Hz, but actual measurements show it’s closer to 40Hz, so I think they were being sly and used the in-room spec. Ziad Hossain. The F208's 5-1/4" midrange driver and dual 8" woofers use aluminum cones that are anodized on both sides with a micro-ceramic composite compound. $1,149. A new type of three-way loudspeaker effortlessly providing intense and . These are would sound better than the Sierra RAAL/Phil3/Song3-A, obviously a lot more money. 060 Fachhändler-Termine. Jan 22, 2019 · Like the Studio2, the F228Be has a beryllium-dome tweeter (albeit of a different design), but unlike the plain aluminum midrange and woofer cones of the F208 or the titanium cones of the Studio2, the F228Be has diaphragms made of Revel's new Deep Ceramic Composite (DCC), in which aluminum also plays a role. I’ve got the following list so far: Revel Performa3 F206 and F208, Focal Aria 936 and 948, Dynaudio Focus 340, and at a higher price (at least here in Canada), the Aerial Acoustics 6T. Focal. Revel Performa F208 61 84 5. 2 DC (A) GamuT Phi 5 (A) Audium Comp 8 (A) Blumenhofer Big Fun 17 (A,B) Cabasse Iroise 3 (A) Chario Ursa Major (A) Dynaudio Focus 260 (A) Expolinear S. Aria 926 3-Way Bass Reflex Floorstanding Revel Extreme Climate Landscape Series Award-winning sound in any environment Learn More; Popular Products F35 2 1/2-way Triple 5. You could probably find a used pair around 2500$. 995 k AudiophilePhil, May 14, 2018 #87. A bit bright in the treble, and slightly muddy bass that doesn't dig super deep. Tracks: London Grammar - Hey Now Fink - Maker (acousti Hegel Vs Bryston 999,00 open doos model. 2. The stuff that there is a cone created from is crucial, as it is the contact point between the atmosphere as well as the loudspeaker it's there to go. Dec 20, 2018 · The Sonus Faber Sonetto V speakers, 3-way models with four The Voice of Sonus Faber drivers. A friend bought a pair of Focal Aria 948's earlier this year. 18 Nov 2015 I've got the following list so far: Revel Performa3 F206 and F208, Focal Aria 936 and 948, Dynaudio Focus 340, and at a higher price (at least  Shop Focal's high-end floorstanding speaker range at our Bucks County, PA showroom. 054 Yamaha CX-A5000. There are three-way speakers with bigger size and higher status ( Aria 948 ) which are created for the "great sound" lovers. 048 Triangle Signature Delta. However, it's fairly safe to say that Focal Aria 936 are more popular speakers, based on their 10+ reviews. airgas1998 · Registered. Apr 08, 2019 · The Focal Aria 926 ($3,299 per pair) is the smallest floorstanding loudspeaker in the Aria line, which fits between the Chorus and Kanta lines of Focal's extensive range of loudspeakers. 6) 74/100 Bass Find out the difference between Focal loudspeakers Focal Aria 936 and 948. 061 Leser fragen, stereoplay antwortet. Focal-JMLab Pack Stand Dome white: 0 руб. 98 a pair, Dynaudio Evoke 50 $4999. I don't have any hifi stores near me to a/b  Comparing Focal Aria 948 and Revel Performa3 F208? Our Virginia-based experts can help you find the best gear. It’s tall, wide, and effortlessly Focal Aria 948 Loudspeakers (each) Price is per speaker, must be purchased in pairs. Focal-JMLab. The F208 is three-way and front-ported, with two 8-inch woofers and crossover frequencies at 270 hertz and 2. PSB Synchrony One. Post subject: Focal Aria 948 vs Revel Performa F208 with Bryston. Yes, $5,000 is a large sum of money to spend on a pair of speakers, but placed on a performance per dollar asymptotic graph and the Revel F208’s are at the peak before the plateau. There's a trio of 18cm bass drivers, each using a sandwich cone design combining two layers of cellulose material and a syntactic foam core, designed for low mass and high rigidity. Revel Performa F208 (A, B) 61 84 5800 2/14 Dynaudio Focus 380 (A) Focal Aria 948 (A) 58 76 3200 10/13 Sonus Faber Liuto (A) 58 80 4000 11/09 ADAM Audo Column Mk3 58 77 5400 9/12 Focal Aria 948. 4. They look a bit Raw, though. It doesn't matter how much money you spend; if you don't set May 16, 2020 · Revel Salon2 vs Genelec 8351B - Blind Test Preparations: Speaker Reviews, Measurements and Discussion: 387: Aug 22, 2020: Revel Salon2, B&W 802 D3, or similarly priced speakers + Benchmark chain? Room Acoustics and General Speaker Discussions: 169: Feb 20, 2020: V: Revel Salon 2 , Studio 2 and something else? Room Acoustics and General Speaker Focal Aria 948 Focal Chorus 706 Focal Chorus 716 Revel F206 Revel M105 Revel Performa3 F208 Revel Performa F228BE Rogers LS 35A Rolf Sigrist Thorus RussellK RED100 A true acoustic loudspeaker, the Focal Aria 948 is considered the tower of power by many audiophiles. For the sound you’re talking about (laidback/neutral) with good kick, crutchfield has the Dynaudio Excite X38s on sale, those would fit exactly what you’re asking for. When looking over the specs of the Revel F228Be loudspeakers, I initially made the assumption that they were merely an evolutionary update to Revel Performa3 F208 speakers. Sonus Faber Focal Aria 948 The Vienna, Revel, and KEF speakers are the ones I would consider, but forget that amplifier. I have heard the 7t's at dealers and shows and they are very very good - but I prefer the Studio 2 tweeter. Join Sonusfaber. They get to 31Hz. This reduces resonances that can color the sound. Revel F208, Floor standing Loudspeaker, (pair) Revel Performa3 floorstanding loudspeakers are true full-range loudspeakers that feature small footprints and sleek designs, allowing them to blend-in easily with your existing decor. Engineer and Tech Journalist. Aria 948 3- Way Bass-Reflex Floorstanding Speaker - Each. Today we listened to the Focal Electra 1038Be and the Focal Aria 948. Jan 19, 2020 · I did a demo in home of the aria 948, was a fun speaker. 98 a pair, Revel Performa3 F208 $4999. Audiophile speakers within the budget range. The company makes all its drivers in-house, allowing the engineers to fine-tune the units for a specific model. I also have a pair of Genelec 1032A that I got used for less than that money. --- Focal Aria 926, 948, vs. World Wide Stereo offers price matching, 60 day returns and free shipping. 1 | Center Focal Aria 948 for $5K. 0 system and hopefully (with eventual, begrudging approval from my wife) get at least a 3. 600 10/15 Focal Aria Vs Electra focal electra 1028 be ; focal aria 948 ; focal electra 937 be ; focal aria 906 ; focal chorus 826 v w ; focal jmlab nova utopia ; revel performa 3 f208 ; revel Revel vs klipsch Revel vs klipsch Revel Performa3 F208 floorstanding speakers. 2-60/TW 1 Focal Aria 948 Kule Hoparlör Focal ARIA 948 Özellikleri Aria Serisinin En Büyük Kule Hoparlörüdür. With the addition of JL Audio’s magnificent Gotham subwoofers and an increase in the Ortofon cartridge’s load from 200 ohms to 1000 ohms, amazing things happened. 800 2/14 Zu Audio Soul Supreme 61 — 6. Obviously I love the Revel sound and if the F208 wasn't so darn big, I'd be looking for a pair as I'd love the extended low end they do. Canton Vento 896 DC. KEF Q950. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Monitor Audio Gold GX300 and Gold C350 speakers at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! Jun 15, 2015 · Focal has long majored on drive unit engineering. As for Focal speakers, I haven't owned any, but that's because of the ones I've heard, they weren't for me. 27495 lei That is why Focal's statement that it's utilizing a cone substance that is different in its new Aria 926 loudspeaker is more important than you might believe. 22 Oct 2019 Specifically I'm wanting to chose between Focal Sopra 2 and Revel Performa3 F228be. An awesone pair of active speakers. Focal is known for making their own drivers and the Electra Series is famous for the inverted dome beryllium tweeter and for the 3rd generation W cone midrange and bass drivers. For me there sound is so wath between JBL and B&W and they have a great efficiency. Give it a try. 98 a pair So, after reading forum after forum, review after review, I think I have narrowed the options to the Focal Aria 948, the Revel F208, and the Tekton Double Impact. 036 Unison Research Triode 25. Canton Reference 7. 4 SE (A) /10 Opera Grand Callas 2 (A) /14 B&W CM9 S2 (A) /15 Kudos X3 (A) /15 Teufel Definion 3 (A, B) /15 Jamo Concert C109 (A) /14 Quadral Platinum M50 (A, B) /14 Focal Aria 948 (A) /13 Sonus Faber Liuto (A) /09 ADAM Audo Column Mk /12 Blumenhofer Genuin FS 3 (A, B) /10 FOR SALE or TRADE: Focal aria 948 gloss black: Floor Standing Speakers: $2500. Revel Performa3 F208. 7% Other 11 vote(s) Sonus Faber vs Focal and maybe even Dynaudio or PSB. I want to start with a 2. I've been looking heavily into the 5-7 inches range for monitors around 100-200usd range and narrowed downed to a couple. 8 Jan 2019 I'm just looking for some insight/opinions on if there are members here who have demoed/heard both. New cone material – a high-grade sandwich of glass fiber and flax – comprises the F cones, which play with PSB Synchrony One Focal Aria 926 (B) Phonar Veritas P6 next (A) Sonus Chameleon T (A) Canton Chrono SLS 790 Teufel Definion 5 ELAC FS 267 (A) Dynaudio Excite X38 (A) Canton Vento 890. Oct 24, 2019 · To answer the question of "house sound," yes, I believe they have a similarity in sound. Focal Aria 948 are $1776. There’s a sense of scale here that we rarely, if ever, hear at this price. Der image hifi Testspiegel. Post Posted: Sun Nov 09, 2014 7:12 pm. Owner's Manual During development, every Revel loudspeaker model is compared to competitive   The Aria 948 loudspeaker by Focal symbolises the return of the “true” acoustic loudspeaker. Offline. Fyne Audio FS8 Stand: 0 руб. REVEL PERFORMA3 F208 Floor Standing Speakers In beautiful finish. Focal-JMlab Chora Center Stand: 0 руб. 98 a pair, Focal Aria 936 $3999. Elac FS 407. 25" woofers, which honestly excite me, and I expect they would be able to produce beautiful sound at substantial volumes. Paradigm Signature S6 (prob too expensive!) 6. 138 Impressum. Aerial 7t - Seeking Input Jay - I think the Studio 2's (which have the same tweeter as the Salon 2's) represent one of the greatest used market value speakers I have ever seen. The Aria Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 13 of 13 Posts. A. Dynamic and design for those who are passionate. Nov 15, 2013 · Focal Aria 906 . I listened to them side by side and concur. Revel F208 for $5K. 49 more expensive than average speakers ($499). 12 Oct 2018 Post subject: Focal Aria 948 vs Revel Performa F208 with Bryston. 25" Floorstanding Loudspeaker View Focal Aria 948 are a well-known and one of the most expensive options. Guizu BWAV-2B: 0 руб. What I didn't get a chance to do is hear the CM10 next to the F208 but that's ok. Alto Utopia Be Revel. 14391 lei. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 11 of 11 Posts. revel f208 vs focal aria 948

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