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playground rubber turf All of this pointed to the installation of a brand new astro turf playground. Create a beautiful playground safety turf location for kids to have fun outside or inside with the Greatmats playground turf. The infill we use in the turf is sand as opposed to ground-up tire byproduct. This may pose a choking hazard, regardless of chemical exposure. Poured in Place Rubber Playground Surfacing. We help more kids play with the creation of our commercial and residential playground turf surfaces, which focus on the safety of children, environmental impacts of the materials used, and cost containment. Red rubber mulch and black rubber mulch are popular colors for landscaping, while our blue and green colors are more popular for playground rubber mulch. Poured in Place (PIP) Rubber is one of the best surfaces for ADA accessibility. SpectraPour safety playground surfacing has been our flagship poured-in-place system since its inception in 1986. - Advanced design on Wave W blade. More and more playgrounds are starting to make the switch to the future of playground landscaping: synthetic turf. Consider the average commercial swing set and the inherent wear under the swing. 3. Dura Turf Bonded Rubber Surfacing. Whether you need poured in place rubber surfacing on your community playground, rubber flooring, pool deck flooring, or other safety surface, our company experts will design and install a quality recreation area to fit your needs and your budget. Synthetic playground turf is one of the most consistent, effective and safe playground surfaces overall. The  3 Dec 2014 The rubber mulch in Bandon is made of the same recycled tire rubber that is used as infill in crumb rubber artificial turf. 39 pounds of glue and is perfect for larger patch/ repair jobs. NuPlay, made from 100% recycled rubber, is the perfect loose-fill rubber mulch groundcover for playgrounds. Because it is made of recycled rubber, it provides an excellent, springy surface for shock absorption. 875 in. Rubber playground surface also deters weeds and pests, stays put in windy or rainy weather, and won’t get burning hot in the sun. Surface America features the most complete line of rubber playground surfacing systems in the world. Rubber mulch is available in a variety of colors and works in all climates. A safe playground surface that’s where you need it, when you need it. Another huge benefit to The Playground, Shade and Surfacing Depot’s artificial turf unlike our competitors is the HeatBlock™ technology built into our SYNLawn playground systems. Avoid eating food or drinking beverages while directly on playground surfaces, and wash hands before handling food. Chemical analysis conducted at Yale University on synthetic turf crumb rubber infill and playground rubber mulch. 4 Feb 2019 Learn more about the benefits of artificial turf on your playground! Increased Support & Traction for Walking. Secure the edges with nails or staples and fill the surface with infill. We have a variety of artificial turf options for your playground, various weights, colors and padding options. assessment of children's exposure to playground surfaces made of tire rubber. It’s gonna be fun. Synthetic grass is an exquisite choice for playground surfacing for it's supreme durability, wheelchair accessibility and natural beauty. PIP also provides a highly accessible surface allowing play for children and adults of all abilities. Rubber mulch is growing in popularity as playground turf and can seem like an ideal alternative to wood mulch. 150 Brownson Lane Driftwood, TX 78619 Apr 25, 2019 · Rubber surfacing is often used in playgrounds due to its potential injury prevention benefits and as a way to recycle waste tires. Our playground rubber surfacing creates a safe environment for children of all ages to run and play and not get injured. One of the biggest disadvantages that grass surfaces face is that they tend to be very susceptible to degradation through both physical wear and environmental conditions. Thanks to XGrass playground turf with PolyGreen foam padding underlayment, they’ll land safe and sound. SofPad Pro, SofPad Standard, SofFill Infill and LandSoft Turf are all anti-microbial and not subject to bacterial buildup. Pricing is calculated by the foot. Some of our more popular choices include rubber mulch and poured-in-place surfacing for their superior longevity and durability. SYNLawn Playground System was developed to be the safest artificial play area artificial grass surface and keep kids Wide Variety of Artificial Turf Products. Select 50 bags of 40 lb. Potential lead contamination from vulcanizing agents used in rubber surfacing are a possible concern; however this has not Bonded Rubber Playground Surfacing- Dura Turf Bonded by Sport Surface Specialties offers a traditional, natural look to your surface. Combined with the soft material that composes these outdoor playground mats, waffled-bottom designs can make sure their feet are never susceptible to serious strain that comes from playing Feb 12, 2016 · Three federal agencies are teaming up to investigate the safety of crumb rubber artificial turf used in playing fields and playground all across the country — the subject of a series of NBC News Our playground rubber surfacing creates a safe environment for children of all ages to run and play and not get injured. The surface is available to not require the traditional rubber infill, providing added safety for toddlers and infants. Burke Turf ® combines rugged durability with remarkable softness and beauty that allows it to be used in both sports and playground areas! With the look and feel of fine blade fescue or blue grass lawn, it is a perfect complement to any playground area and helps keep children of all abilities moving! Burke Turf. Traditional playground surfaces are varied; mulch, pea gravel, cement, and rubber chips are a few of the go-to options that are stuck in the past. Mobile Menu T. Playground Bonded Rubber Rocky Mountain Artificial Turf 2017-04-13T11:15:29+07:00 Our Playground Bonded Rubber is a poured-in-place rubber playground surfaces turn the area around your playgrounds into a virtual canvas. An amazing landscaping solution, synthetic grass is excellent as a safe ground surface in children’s play areas. Oklahoma Artificial Grass Playground Turf. Great for residential and  Results 1 - 6 of 6 Artificial Grass is not only aesthetically pleasing but way more comfortable than rocks or mulch to play on in a playground. Crumb rubber is safe, non toxic and non abrasive. Selecting Safety Turf, Inc. Otherwise known as synthetic turf, our surfacing is easy to install for both commercial and private usage, be it an indoor or outdoor area. Clean any toys that were used on a playground after the visit. Playground Rubber Turf Sterling West’s playground rubber turf is virtually maintenance-free and resistant to trying weather conditions and consistent activity. Yes, Playground Grass has the recommended ASTM and IPEMA certifications, but we also go above and beyond industry standards. GT Impax Synthetic Turf is manufactured to provide an attenuating, durable, natural-looking surface under GameTime's industry-leading play structures. We can complete poured-in-place rubber, bonded rubber mulch, and rubber tile installation projects on sand or dirt terrain, saving you time and resources as you invest in flooring for playgrounds. While the up-front cost is higher than loose-fill surfacing, unitary surfacing can be cheaper in the long run due to its high durability and low maintenance At PB&J Playgrounds and Turf, we know you’re looking for more than just fake grass. These two factors are important because playgrounds are a battlefield and your turf will need more than love to withstand. Engineered Wood Fiber Poured in Place Rubber Recycled Bonded Rubber Recycled Rubber Loose Fill Recycled Rubber Tiles GTCourt Synthetic Turf. Maintenance of Playground Turf or Artificial Grass for Playground Artificial turf is easy to clean and largely requires just the removal of large debris from the surface. This is done because of its organic constituents. - Filed and olive green color design perfectly looks like the natural grass. Playground Grass achieves consistently high safety ratings over time—even after heavy use. Learn more about our play advantage, play solutions, extensive safety ratings, stories and more. Designed with PolyGreen foam padding underlayment and antimicrobial Envirofill infill, our system is the safest turf play surface available today. Artificial turf is an ideal solution when designing an accessible playground or recreation area that’s intended for people of all abilities. In addition to rubber flooring for equine, cervine and bovine facilities, Equi-Turf has installed hundreds of high-quality, rubberized playgrounds across the United States with If you have questions or need any other assistance. Dura Turf Bonded by Sport Surface Specialties offers a traditional, natural look to your surface. Synthetic Turf features a unique blend of polyethylene monofilament fibers and thatch layer that simulates a fine blade fescue or blue grass. Our Rubber Surface Aliphatic Binder is a polyurethane adhesive that is the best when working with any type of rubber for playground surfacing and track and field surfacing. Play Areas, Playgrounds - Artificial Grass, Turf and Synthetic Lawns Protect Those Precious Kids and Let Them Enjoy Their Playgrounds! Traditional playground  Coastal Synthetic Playground Turf is a safe and environmentally friendly surface designed specifically for playgrounds. Poured in place rubber and interlocking rubber tiles eliminate uneven surfaces that might otherwise impede access. Poured rubber playgrounds are quick to install, which cuts down on labor costs. Artificial Turf with Natural Look & Feel. PIP utilizes trained and certified installation crews to produce a surface that is attractive and durable. Playground Turf: Spread landscape fabric and padding before covering it with the turf. That, in turn, can cause people to trip and have accidents. ) Artificial Grass or Turf. The foam provides the necessary impact attenuation to cover most fall heights, while the turf provides a more natural aesthetic. Fibar Rubber Surfacing Artificial Turf. Dec 06, 2019 · The outdoor rubber mats, also known as playground mats or playground flooring, help to put a little bounce to when a person hits the surface of the flooring. 5” to 4. Poured Rubber Playground Surfacing Installation . It needs very little maintenance work. Made of 100% recycled rubber, Costco’s playground mulch is designed to be springy and environmentally-friendly. 0 Rubber chunks; Pea gravel; Artificial grass. Our IPEMA-certified and ADA-compliant poured, turf & tile systems are best-in-class with proven coast-to-coast installation service. It’s a safer, cleaner, and more cost-effective alternative and Global Syn-Turf is the number one choice in providing synthetic turf The synthetic turf is a polyethylene fiber tufted into a backing with perforations. Tot Turf provides a seamless, accessible play surface. It is a great middle-ground between Engineered Wood Fiber and Unitary Ideal for daycare centers, community playgrounds and parks, turf is a softer, non-abrasive surface for safer playgrounds. Rubber Playground Mulch is a great solution that does not require re-topping year over year like organic safety surfacing. Because it does not deteriorate with regular wear and tear, it remains securely in place and  Another popular use for rubber mulch is in playgrounds. 58 $ 153 . A wide variety of colors can add an element of colorful purpose to a playground by creating inlaid shapes and themed designs. From the traditional Softpave- Non-Pigmented and Pigmented line to more than 15 designs of PlayGuard Ultra, PlayGuard is the playground safety surface of choice for restructured and new playgrounds. Less information is available on synthetic turf as a playground surface type than for the loose-fill and PIP surfaces. Playground Turf Surface Solutions. Some companies charge an hourly rate up to $75 per The Equi-Turf™ playground surface is very adaptable to special projects, offering a beautiful spectrum of colors in granulated EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) rubber products, the very finest quality of polyurethane binder and rubber-based materials. Burke Turf ® combines rugged durability with remarkable softness and beauty that allows it to be used in both sports and playground areas! With the look and feel of fine blade fescue or blue grass lawn, it is a perfect complement to any playground area and helps keep children of all abilities moving! IntelliTurf Playground systems feature no ground rubber infill. This combination of fibers gives the turf its very soft, rich carpet like feel. The Perfect Turf ®-PerfectPlay Playground System offers similar or superior safety to competitive products along with the look of natural grass without grass/rubber stains, toxicity concerns or the high maintenance costs! SpectraBound Tile rubber playground safety surface reduces the risk of injury associated with falls from playground equipment, but also provides unique designs and comfortable walkways for parks, playgrounds, and other play areas. Half of those chemicals have had no government testing on them. Commercial applications of crumb rubber include: foundation waterproofing, rubberized asphalt, and infill for artificial turf fields and playgrounds. Is your child's playground surface safe? Recycled rubber artificial turf products were introduced in the 1990s and swiftly installed on playgrounds and athletic fields  14 Feb 2020 A critical aspect of safety on a playground is protecting children against the impact of falls. artificial playground turf, artificial playground grass, show turf. New Marathon Spec Artificial turf for playgrounds is an alternative for rubber, natural mulches, and sand. 5°F cooler than other artificial  Sterling West's playground rubber turf is a safe, low-maintenance surfacing solution that's perfect for every activity. Because it is made of recycled rubber, it provides an excellent, springy   SYNLawn Houston's artificial playground grass can offer a number of benefits to your home, school, or recreation area. Playground rubber mulch is fall height rated and different depths offer different levels of safety for kids at play. Dec 22, 2014 · An EasyTurf artificial grass playground surface is safer, cleaner and more comfortable than natural sod or a rubber playground grass surface. slide exits, stairs, and under swings, additional rubber matting can be added to prevent playgrounds, splash pads, pool decks, baseball fields, walking/jogging tracks and much more! We also provide rubber tiles, synthetic play turf, bonded and loose-fill rubber mulch. A-Turf — synthetic turf systems for athletic fields (sister company) Miracle League EverTop — single-layer poured rubber Miracle League Turf — high-density, short-nap turf Playground Flooring. You also can choose from a variety of vibrant colors for your rubber mulch. When fitting the turf, over- cut the turf by one inch along the edges for a proper fit. Interlocking Rubber Playground Tiles as Park Playground Mats Playground Floors - The Top 2 Materials What is the cost of installing playground turf? Sterling Playground Tile 3. Playground USA Turf info@playground-usa-turf. Unlike these other playground surfaces, playground rubber mulch offers 10–12 feet of fall protection, does not compact and harden over time, and does not rot or fade. Parents of fearless children will appreciate the product’s pliable surface that reduces impact on young bones and joints. Designed to truly replicate grass; 1. Poured in place rubber playground surfacing is the newest and greatest innovation in playground surfacing to date. FlexGrass is our newest product offering the same cushioned safety surfacing with artificial turf (synthetic grass). Choose from many different ADA-compliant options, from engineered wood fiber to Burke Turf and Burke Tiles, to poured-in-place rubber safety surfacing. Burke Turf: Surfacing that is designed to look like well-maintained grass but requiring very little upkeep. com Bonded Rubber Playground Surfacing- Dura Turf Bonded by Sport Surface Specialties offers a traditional, natural look to your surface. At pro playgrounds, we utilize  Looking for Playground artificial grass Installation? Transform your children's dull and dangerous play area into a brighter and safer surface with Desert Turf  China Synthetic Turf for Playground and Garden, Find details and Price about China Artificial Grass, Artificial Plant from Synthetic Turf for Playground and  6 Feb 2020 There are several benefits of having artificial turf for playgrounds. Yet nothing compares our artificial grass playground system. Artificial Grass is  7 May 2018 Custom Turf creates artificial turf playground surfaces in all sorts of play areas for commercial and residential, focusing on three key factors: The  3 Feb 2019 Artificial turf is the safest, lowest maintenance, most attractive, and surprisingly the most affordable option for playgrounds in the long run. There were 96 chemicals found in 14 samples analyzed. Rymar Playground Rubber Safety Tiles provide the optimum fall safety for kids play environments. com. Read More How much does poured in place rubber playground surfacing cost, can you give me a ballpark price? There are a lot of factors that affect the price of a poured in place surfacing system. The EPA created a working group that collected and analyzed data from playgrounds and artificial turf fields that used tire material. Playground Safety Audits Our site managers are Certified Playground Safety Inspectors and can provide comprehensive playground audits and playground surface testing. Synthetic Turf- Want the look and feel of real grass without the maintenance? Synthetic Turf provides a soft, grass like feel for playgrounds without the mowing, seeding and weeding. Our systems voluntarily exceed Head Injury Criterion (HIC) recommendations, and offer the best fall safety ratings in the industry. Synthetic Tiles The yarn is typically held together with a backing through which the yarn is stitched. Sep 14, 2016 · Kids play tough it means that they will occasionally fall, bruise their knees and skin their ankles. Synthetic Turf is simple to replace, and this lowers long-term maintenance costs. Benefits of Artificial Turf on Playgrounds Playgrounds are heavily-frequented areas where falls, bumps, and bruises are common occurrences. Poured Rubber Playground Surface Features. Rubber poured-in-place or synthetic turf are certainly the best choices for particular types of playground equipment. Or if you prefer a more natural aesthetic, you may opt for wood mulch or artificial turf. Rubber Mulch for Playgrounds. May 01, 2020 · There are several different options for playground surfaces, including wood chips, sand, rubber, and mulch. Photo: 32 lb. We have on-call, trained and competent crews available across America who will ensure that the Polygreen Foam LLC is an environmentally focused company that produces products made from recycled or sustainable material and are 100% recyclable. Install a Rymar Playground surface and eliminate the need to fill in the holes, remove animal wastes and potentially dangerous hidden objects. New information on crumb rubber used on artificial turf fields and playgrounds. If you would like to learn more about this, you should click here. Here's our list of the safest playground surface materials: 1. Synthetic Turf Installation Burke Turf. Made from 100% recycled rubber, this is the perfect loose-fill rubber mulch groundcover for playgrounds and other landscaping applications. They look beautiful in any setting and provide a fun, safe alternative to other kinds of surfaces. CPSC, ASTM & ADA Compliant Products Poured in Place Rubber & Rubber Mulch More than 30 Types of Artificial Turf Over 1,000,000 Sqft of Surfacing Installed IncStores Playground Swing Mats 2in x 32in x 54in Premium Durable Rubber Outdoor Non-Slip Protection Under Playground Equipment (Earthtone, 1 Mat) 4. Together with a 100% envirofill infill , the ProPLAY series of artificial playground grass flooring material is safer than sod, wood chips, sand and even urethane surfaces. Poured-In-Place Rubber 3. The last time you were at the playground with your kids, did you notice whether or not your kids were playing on real grass versus artificial turf? There are certainly   20 Sep 2018 Looking to create a safe environment for a kid's playground? playground artificial turf kid-safe. Our playground softfall meets Australian standards for critical fall height certification and provides a safe non-slip weather proof solution for use in playgrounds outdoors or undercover. Rubber mulch is generally more expensive than some other play area ground cover options, and there may be concern over long-term exposure to these small bits of rubber. Artificial Turf for Playgrounds. Manufactured at our plant in Joliet, IL, our rubber mulch is American-made from 100% recycled tires. Use Cases: Playgrounds, Fitness Spaces, Outdoor Lounge Spaces, Pool Areas, Dog Parks. Playground USA turf provides customers with a Comprehensive Maintenance Program to ensures that the playground is kept in excellent condition. • Rated as the safest groundcover on the market May 08, 2020 · Playgrounds made of artificial turfs can be set up indoors or outdoors depending on the needs of the individual. PLAYGROUND TILES FOR SALE. Great for use under playground structures and provides a unique sensory experience for children while boasting: Poured basemat, synthetic turf, with or without rubber granule infill; Partially or fully adhered Bonded rubber is porous, allowing water to flow through it. We strongly recommend coating the entire playground with MaxxClear or MaxxClear H2O surface conditioner soon after the repair are completed and dried. First, rubber mulch is the perfect addition to your landscaping. 100% Anti-microbial. Artificial turf is a worthwhile investment because it is versatile and durable. It is estimated that 40,000 shredded waste tires are used to create the infill for just one artificial turf field! One of the more unconventional playground surfaces that has been gaining popularity is artificial playground turf. In addition to the safe play characteristics our playground and play field turf, are its aesthetic qualities which are second to none. Our professional playground turf installers will make sure your new playground turf is flawless. It lasts longer, requires almost no maintenance, and won’t attract unwanted pests. rubber turf No Fault is the industry leader and innovators of the original poured-in-place playground surface in North America. The system used for artificial turf for playgrounds utilizes compacted soil over a packed layer of small aggregate with another layer of rubberized padding below the turf. That means someone in a wheelchair or who uses other mobility aids may have difficulty accessing those areas. Artificial Turf As A Playground Surface. PolyTurf playground grass is non allergenic, does not harbor bacteria, and is lead-free, non-toxic, and recyclable. Silica or sand makes up the most traditional turf infill, but they can shift over time and cause uneven surfaces above. When seaming turf edges together, use a seaming tool. Synthetic turf fully adhered over a poured rubber basemat Turf: Polyethylene monofilament fiber and textured polypropylene thatch tufted into a backing – typical fiber height is 1. Turf typically consists of a top layer, the actual turf fiber that looks like blades of grass, and a cushion layer. synlawn playH5 SYNLawn® Oklahoma knows that a parent's number one priority is the safety of their children,   TigerTurf Play artificial grass is the playground surface that is child safe & won't cause scrapes, scuffs or bruises for your kids. 6 out of 5 stars 6 Playground SurfacingSynthetic turf, a widely popular alternative to natural grass in athletic fields across the nation, is increasingly being used in many outdoor applications such as play areas. RRP’s family business is a pioneer of rubber mulch and we proudly stand behind our rubber mulch products and guarantee their quality. Typically more expensive than loose-fill materials, products like poured in place rubber and bonded rubber can only be installed by factory installers. 2. By using rubber playground matting you will not have that problem. Playground turf is a lot like landscape turf, but if you add a fall-height rated pad underneath, it becomes the safest place to play. Playground Installation. After all, a playground rubber floor is a much kinder and softer surface for little feet than traditional woodchip mulch! The benefits of rubber mulch vs. Durable playground and recreational surfacing solutions including poured rubber , rubber tile, synthetic turf, and rubber mulch. Playground Flooring is available in rubber tiles, mulch, mats and synthetic turf. SAFE Flooring specialises in the supply and installation of playground soft fall rubber flooring surfaces, wet pour rubber surfaces and soft fall synthetic turf. A playground surface is the material that lies under and around swings, slides, monkey bars and other playground equipment. The chief complaints from parents and kids about popular playground surfaces like Poured Rubber for Playgrounds and rubber mulch is that they splinter, and pieces find their way into skin, eyes, shoes, and clothes. The surfaces are usually made of wood or rubber and designed specifically for aesthetics, child safety, and/or ADA wheelchair accessibility. Artificial turf is a great way to make your playground surfacing blend seamlessly into the existing landscape. , a licensed general contracting firm, is proud to be the exclusive distributor and installer of Pro-Tect Turf™. Synthetic turf is fade resistant America's Favorite Playground Rubber Flooring, Rubber Mulch, and Playground Turf Supplier. The system is available with and without infill (clean and processed rubber from 100% post-consumer recycled SBR: Styrene Butadiene Rubber). Feb 10, 2017 · Installing artificial turf for playgrounds has more considerations than just the cost. This type of crumb rubber is used in molded goods, landscaping products, playground surfacing and many other uses. Working with leading contractors and specialists, Genan supplies high quality rubber granulate for all of these applications. Office: 305-525-6538 / 305-456-9304 7680 NW 63 ST. We specialize in residential and commercial playground applications. It is certified to ASTM F3012 Standards for Rubber Playground Mulch. The surfaces are usually made of wood or rubber and designed specifically Playground rubber tiles, Yes, Yes, High, Yes. Our artificial grass choice for playgrounds of daycare centers, CPE, schools, parks Examples in photos. blade height helps to achieve a natural appearance Look no further than synthetic turf. Synthetic Turf Field Recycled Tire Crumb Rubber Characterization Research Final Report: Part 1 -Tire Crumb Rubber Characterization now available. If your playground surface is a loose-fill option such as wood or rubber mulch, you will likely need to purchase rubber mats to combat mulch Traditional turf options like wood chips, sand, mulch, and even rubber wear down significantly as time goes by – especially in high traffic areas like swings and the landing in front of a slide. J. The price can vary drastically depending on what sub surface is used, how thick the system needs to be, colors and site preparation requirements just to name a few. Playground rubber turf repair has never been quicker. traffic cone bases molded from your old tires. Falls are the number-one cause of injury on playgrounds, but the right equipment for a child’s age and soft surfacing can help keep playtime fun and safe. Sep 09, 2015 · Poured rubber playground surface showing signs of wear and tear. com Additional Resources on Playground Surfaces: Children and Athletes at play on toxic turf and playgrounds. Recently, the crumbs have been implicated in causing cancer in adolescents and young … Jan 26, 2018 · Rubber mulch can be used anywhere you would normally use wood chips. Selecting the right artificial turf system for your application is critical to ensure that it provides all of the features you need and is designed for the specific task. The school still wanted a roadway as the PlayGuard playground tiles are designed exclusively to reduce the risk of serious injury associated with falls from playground equipment. More inviting and interactive than other playground surfaces, it is more durable and needs less maintenance than natural grass. Our experience with installing poured rubber playground surfaces spans over 15 years with over 500,000 SF of rubber surfacing material sold and installed since we began business in the late 90's. Plus it can offer greater fall protection than natural grass. Traditional options such as natural grass, rubber and mulch all have some benefits and a number of major drawbacks as well. Available research on chemicals in recycled rubber has focused on synthetic turf applications, but is limited for playground rubber surfacing. Enter: Playground Turf. They are typically made of softer materials like composite rubber and sometimes have a layer of plastic material below to hold them in place. Miami, FL 33166. 58 Playgrounds Unlimited installs thousands of square feet of Synthetic Turf annually for Playground Areas, Landscape, & Sports Fields Learn More Sun Shelters & Pre-Fab Buildings The right choice of rubber granulate is key to the success of synthetic turf pitches, sports tracks and playground surfaces. When creating a fun playground space, some people will use mulch, rubber tiles, or sand as the base material. Bring a natural element into your playground design with Artificial Turf. Unlike other loose fill surfaces, Playsafer rubber mulch nuggets require minimal maintenance, dry quickly after rain and will not decompose. Artificial turf is an excellent choice for a safe, low maintenance playground surface. We can now install for your turf needs as well as a pour in place rubber surface. Pros: Poured rubber surfacing is durable, soft, and can’t splinter. Fibar is the world's most popular playground surface. The surface exceeds national safety standards and is ASTM certified. Tot Turf EPDM Poured in Place (PIP) Rubber is the most popular playground surfacing choice in the market. Synthetic Turf Research Conducted at Yale University . The Play Turf is designed to provide the proper impact fluctuation for playgrounds at a range of fall heights, and it is a great option for ADA Accessibility. g. Let’s take a closer look at why you should consider playground turf for your play area. Using rubber playground tiles keeps 2. 25” Basemat: 100% post-consumer recycled SBR (Styrene Butadiene Rubber) and polyurethane – basemat thickness varies from 1. America's Favorite Playground Rubber Flooring, Rubber Mulch, and Playground Turf Supplier. Bonded Rubber Mulch Surfacing offers a unique and natural trail or path system and playground safety surface, shock absorbing properties in accordance . Our cost-effective foam padding is used extensively as underlayment for synthetic turf system for applications like playgrounds and pet parks. Dura Turf Bonded uses premium 100% recycled shredded rubber, and offers a variety of color options that give you the look of shredded natural fiber mulch, without the maintenance of loose mulch. You want to spend less time doing chores, and more time with your family. Rake and compact the mulch for even coverage. Playgrounds surfaced with unitary materials have smooth surfaces with a consistent texture. In addition to meeting safety requirements, it can be used in a variety of settings including playgrounds, athletic fields, pet areas and landscaping. Of course, it’s a lot easier than maintaining wood chips as a playground safety surface. You probably already know that poured-in-place (PIP) rubber surfacing is the most popular playground surface choice for city parks and school playgrounds. Our recycled rubber playground tiles are made right here in the US and are designed to keep kids safe with fall ratings at 4, 6, and 8 feet. Turf surfaces are a great option for a playground area. Get a free quote today! 29 May 2020 IntelliTurf installs the very best playground surface available anywhere. wood mulch for playgrounds are the same as those for gardens – rubber mulch is long lasting, looks good, doesn’t attract termites and is non-toxic. It’s fully certified by the International Play Equipment Manufacturer’s Association (IPEMA). Playgrounds Etc has spent the past 15 years sourcing playground surfacing materials that are not only made from quality products but that are also affordable. Turf is an engineered grass product that offers height appropriate impact attenuation perfect for playground environments. Fibar Systems consist of engineered wood fibers that knit Connect with your Playground USA Turf, Call us at. When Sep 19, 2014 · Playground turf is the perfect solution for you to get the best of both worlds. In addition to safety and accessibility, playground surfacing can enhance the visual aspects of your outdoor play space. Order Crumb Rubber from reRubber Artificial Turf Fields – For football and soccer fields that have artificial surfaces, crumb rubber is used as infill between the turf fibers providing excellent drainage and a cushioning surface for the athletes. This system was engineered with sports performance fibers while other turfs in the industry use landscape fibers. Playground Surfacing. Access and download the report. The 2 inch foam playground rubber turf padding is installed underneath the artificial grass turf as a base to create a padded playground surface. This surfacing option promotes quick drainage, enabling the playground to be used immediately following heavy rain. It works in daycares, parks, churches, school yards, or for backyard peace of mind. Rubber Playground Mulch offers superior, certified fall protection for kids at play on swings, slides and other playground equipment. Artificial turf is a great product for a variety of areas, including playgrounds, athletic fields, green spaces, putting greens and more. The panel has held three previous meetings to advise OEHHA on study plans, data interpretation, and reporting of study results. Our Products include: Poured-In-Place Surfacing, Bonded Rubber Mulch, Synthetic Turf, Loose Fill Rubber Mulch, Aquatic Pad Surfacing, and Surface Maintenance. Click to our playground surfacing products and get a custom quote! Rubber playground turf, Padded turf for backyards & kids. Burke Turf ® combines rugged durability with remarkable softness and beauty that allows it to be used in both sports and playground areas! With the look and feel of fine blade fescue or blue grass lawn, it is a perfect complement to any playground area and helps keep children of all abilities moving! Poured-in-place rubber offers the most design flexibility of any playground surfacing material. This can be rubber granules (Typically used in turf fields), rubber granules mixed with sand, or just sand, which is my preference when dealing with playground synthetic turf. Many of these injuries occurs as the result of inadequate playground construction materials such as sand, bark chips, wood chips, gravel, and natural grass, which can increase the chances for clothing At Turf Prep, we use high-grade rubber infill to provide the safest experience for our customers. Uses for 6-14 mesh Crumb Rubber. - Good choice for playground and landscape use. Janca Construction, Inc. Unitary surfaces include poured-in-place rubber, bond-in-place rubber, interlocking resilient tiles, and synthetic turf or grass with protective under-padding to help protect against falls. Read More The combination of the long yarn in the top layer and the thick foam pad base layer creates a safe and resilient padded playground turf material. 8 out of 5 stars 38 $153. Artificial turf and synthetic grass surfacing products. Or maybe you want to spend less money on lawn maintenance so you can invest more into your business. If you’re into outdoor fun and safety, I can teach you everything you need to know about playground turf. Our FallZone Synthetic Grass is a playground safety surface system that combines a safer than dangerous products like sand, wood mulch rubber mulch etc. - The best resilience and durability makes the turf perform well after heavy traffic. D. Walking Trails Our Resilient Walking Trails offer both pedestrians and joggers an aesthetically pleasing, low-impact rubber surface. FlexGround resilient playground safety surfacing is Engineered Safety providing a colorful and seamless play surface for designing new playgrounds or upgrading existing ones. 31 Mar 2019 Find the best and safest playground surface for your family! Learn the pros and cons of using wood mulch, rubber mulch, or artificial turf today. Genesis Turf provides a more natural look and feel than rubber tiles, pour in place systems, or mulch  kids safe while providing an attractive, accessible playground site. Cut the turf in an S-shape to avoid the turf possibly pushing against each other's angles, which can create discoloration illusion in the seamed For playgrounds being installed in more natural environments, turf systems featuring mulch borders are popular. Get the best deals on Rubber Mulch when you shop the largest online 1 Full Pallet of Playground Rubber Mulch Natural Black TURF GREEN LANDSCAPE RUBBER MULCH Sep 19, 2014 · It can be used for landscaping, or it can be an excellent option for playground safety surfacing. com for a custom quote on synthetic turf. With decades of proven success in commercial applications, Polygreen's artificial turf padding is the ideal underlayment for playgrounds, athletic fields and other applications. Falls to the ground are a major cause of injury on the playground and in sports. These systems typically feature a playground turf product along with ¾” of infill and PolyGreen padding installed on top of a base of compacted clean aggregate stone. Remove all organic material from the area, like mulch and Jan 27, 2017 · After a list of soccer players with cancer prompted an investigation, the state found nothing unusual -- but one coach still thinks the cancer might be linked to artificial turf. You can choose from loose-fill material, rubber tiles, poured-in-place rubber, artificial turf, or any combination. Synthetic grass offers padding that won’t be displaced in high traffic areas, some with the ability to protect children from falls of up to 10 feet. This thick playground turf padding foam underlayment is the key component that gives our artificial grass for playgrounds its high level of softness. We also offer Playground Safety Inspections, ASTM Audits and Training. Synthetic turf consists of grass made from polymers, with recycled tire rubber used as infill and/or in underlayments to provide cushioning and a safe A playground surface is the material that lies under and around swings, slides, monkey bars and other playground equipment. LandSoft Synthetic Turf systems are much more sanitary than sand, pea gravel, wood mulch, and rubber products. It’s called a playground for a reason: sooner or later your kids are going to end up on the ground when they’re playing. - Instant results: With playground turf, there's no waiting for the grass to grow. Rubber playground surface repair kits from Discount Playground Supply make playground repairs easy. Click below to learn more about our surfacing options, including Rubber and Artificial Turf. There are various options for surfacing a playground, recreation area, field, or track. 5 tires out of our landfills. It’s a safer, cleaner, and more cost-effective alternative and Global Syn-Turf is the number one choice in providing synthetic turf Call Us: (888) SYN-TURF 796-8873 Search this website. Labor falls at about $16 per hour. Unlike mulch or shredded rubber, the surface is green, inviting, and lush. Most synthetic turf fields have crumb rubber interspersed among the simulated grass fibers to reduce athletic injuries by allowing users to turn and slide more readily as they play sports or exercise on the fields. So, for example on a 90 degree day, the grass is also approximately 90 degrees, but artificial turf and rubber playgrounds can exceed 150 degrees Fahrenheit. Play Turf allows a free flow of water, enabling the playground to be used immediately following heavy rain. What the EPA Says. When used for playground surfacing, PolyTurf synthetic grass is often installed on top of a rubber safety Rubber Surfaces for Advancing Fun & Safe Play and Healthy Recreation At SpectraTurf, we understand our role in the playground and recreation surfacing industry: deliver a beautiful, durable, safe, and versatile surface for playgrounds, splash pads, fitness trails, jogging or walking paths, or other indoor/outdoor areas. With over 25 years combined experience in playground safety resurfacing, T. Playground Rubber Mulch. FlexGround is a dual-durometer rubber safety surface that is poured in-place and hand-troweled over Playground Rubber Mulch provides a colorful, long-lasting option for loose fill surfacing. Playground tiles are made to keep kids safe when playing on playgrounds, jungle gyms and outdoor play courts. Artificial grass and synthetic turf playground systems. Unlike mulch or shredded rubber, the artificial turf is green, inviting, and lush. Benefits of Playground Turf Sorbus Grass Mat Interlocking Grass Tiles – Soft Artificial Carpet Grass Turf – Multipurpose Fake Grass Flooring – for Deck, Patio, Playrooms, Borders Included (12 Tiles, 48 Sq ft) 4. The Play Time Playground Turf With 1-Inch Pad Per SF works as a sharp-looking landscaping product too that offers an olive green thatch, resulting in a plush body and natural look. · Recycled Rubber Tiles We offer a wide variety of recycled rubber tiles, including standard and interlocking tiles. There are many options available for playground surfaces. But if you'd rather give the area a lush, green look, you can use an artificial playground grass as the base. Installing artificial turf for playgrounds should reduce the chances of children  Bella Turf playground systems are a great alternative to real grass, mulch, pea gravel and rubber; providing the safest and most durable artificial grass. blade height helps to achieve a natural appearance Unitary playground surfacing Unitary playground surfaces are smooth, seamless, uniform surfaces like rubber Pour-In-Place surfacing, Bonded Rubber, and Synthetic Turf. The low maintenance and ASTM approved alternative to grass, makes for an attractive park. Engineered wood fiber mulch (EWF). Comparative performance of playground surfacing materials including conditions of extreme non-compliance. ⭐ loose rubber mulch ⭐ bonded rubber mulch ⭐ synthetic turf ⭐ safety tiles ⭐ timbers & mats ⭐ accessible ballfields ⚾ sport floors ♻️ rubber turf 🌎 1-800-232-7766 ️ info@nofault. Aesthetically, it has a natural look of grass while it actually adds additional fall protection. Ideal for daycare centers, community playgrounds and parks, turf is a softer, non-abrasive surface for safer playgrounds. Playgrounds Unlimited installs thousands of square feet of synthetic turf for playground areas, landscapes, and sports fields and is an industry leader installing synthetic turf for playground applications which requires making the synthetic turf into a safety surface The goal of the study is to assess the potential health impacts associated with the use of synthetic turf and playground mats made of crumb rubber. If the turf is matting down due to excessive use around the high traffic areas, e. Poured Rubber and Rubber Tiles. More than 200,000 Equi-Turf is a versatile rubber flooring application that is specially formulated for use in equine, cervine facilities, horse stables, stalls and barns, bovine and veterinary facilities––and a preferred method of rubber surfacing for playgrounds, gymnasiums, daycares, and county parks. each or 25 bags of 40 lb each Equi-Turf’s cushioned, poured rubber, polyurea surfacing also makes for excellent playground rubber flooring for use in day cares, schools, and neighborhood centers. XGrass is far softer and safer than mulch, sand or natural grass and is practically maintenance-free. Poured in Place Rubber: More Design Options, More Fun. The reasons are many. When kids play, they also fall, and that’s where Rymar Playground comes to the rescue. From dog parks to playgrounds to athletic fields, applications with 100% post-consumer rubber surfaces, Kinetic Play Surfaces has the right Artificial Turf for you. 25 Features and Benefits Video Poured in Place Rubber. There is a reason why it is a popular option for sporting arenas, but artificial turf isn't just for playing football. Synthetic Turf Gallery Advantages of synthetic turf: Cheaper than Poured in place rubber Less maintenance than PIP Seamless ADA compliant unitary surfacing. Artificial grass is ideal   Artificial turf for playground flooring gives you a natural, low maintenance option for a beautiful & safe playground surface! 2 Dec 2019 Artificial Turf for Playground Surfaces. Solid rubber playground surfaces are becoming a common sight in neighborhood parks and under schoolyard play structures. Facility owners and  5 Apr 2018 The Experts at Pro Playgrounds have done it again! This video will show you our work at JBL Riverfront Park in Tampa, Florida. All of our artificial turf play surfaces are  Artificial Grass playgrounds with thick foam padding. Sometimes grass and turf are used in playgrounds, but their shock absorbing qualities are minimal. to characterize exposure to crumb rubber used in artificial turf fields. Using rubber mulch for playgrounds is a great option that’s more cost-efficient than full rubber tiles or pour-in-place surfacing. PlayBound™ Poured-in-Place is a 2-layer system consisting of a basemat of 100% post-consumer recycled SBR (Styrene Butadiene Rubber) and polyurethane and a top surface consisting of recycled post-industrial EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) rubber or TPV Granule and aromatic or aliphatic Revoluntionize your flooring with the permanent, cushioned and seamless rubber flooring solution from Equi-Turf! Our poured rubber flooring is perfect for equestrian and other animal surfacing, playground and veterinary flooring, and so much more! Call 1-877-378-4887 now or submit an Online Request Form. Combined, these two layers can give fall attenuation properties up to DuraPlay, Inc. These soft playground surfaces are highly weather resistant and virtually maintenance free. Playground turf offers that beautiful natural look that is reminiscent playgrounds of the past without the need for watering, weeding, mowing or other similar maintenance. The excess turf will be necessary for the tucking process. Turf products are installed using shock absorption and drainage pad for a long-lasting healthy environment for your child. 25 Jun 2019 Experts concerned about the safety of crumb rubber from recycled tires Thousands of playgrounds and sports fields around the country have been with playing on synthetic turf fields with recycled tire crumb rubber infill”. and 15 lb. ADA rubber playground mulch in a variety of colors. Rubber Playground Surfaces We have partnered with one of the largest rubber surface playground manufacturers in the country to provide for whatever need you have. Special shapes and designs can be utilized to make it look new again. Improper surface material multiplies the risk. , Evans, and Maida Galvez, M. • 12" x 46" x 3/4" Rubber Reducer • Same interlocking mechanism as the turf tile When mulch is used to create the playground surface, it must be top dressed every two or three years. We have on-call, trained and competent crews available across America who will ensure that the Wright is a co-investigator on a project working with Homero Harari, Sc. In addition to being compliant for safety requirements for play areas, there are plenty of other benefits to choosing playground turf for your property. Eliminate hidden sticks, bumps or roots that can cause cuts, falls and skinned knees. Natural grass can be slippery, with  19 Jul 2017 The solid rubber surface material is one of the most expensive options in playground safety surfacing. Our 1 gallon can contains 8. Poured Rubber Playground Surface Costs. Rated as the safest groundcover on the market, NuPlay also provides superior drainage and minimizes dust, keeping children clean while at play. In addition, an EasyTurf artificial grass play area also greatly reduces threats from insects, unwanted pests and grass allergies. So it’s no surprise that No Fault would be the first to introduce shredded EPDM poured-in-place playground safety surface. This technology lowers rising temperatures by reflecting sunlight, thus reducing heat build-up and thermal emissivity. Artificial turf is an excellent option for a variety of different purposes; including landscaping, playgrounds, and other play areas. It can also be used in combination with other unitary materials like synthetic turf to create innovative, multi-surface playgrounds. When properly installed and maintained, Rymar rubber mulch provides a safe playground surface that meets or exceeds US product safety commission guidelines and ASTM standards for play surfaces. XGrass synthetic playground turf surfacing is designed from the ground up for safety. You can install the turf and start enjoying the space right away. Children enjoy a grassy play area that is durable and safe. Playground surfacing can also assist with accessibility and help promote inclusive play areas. Our design utilizes a playground pad that is installed underneath the lawn. One particularly popular surfacing material these days is rubber mulch. Rubber mulch, Yes, Yes, Medium  Not only are they safer but also aesthetically pleasing and satisfying to look at. Artificial turf is a great product for a variety of applications including playing fields, putting greens, yards and playgrounds. Our Poured in place rubber flooring system comes in two parts, a deep rubber underlayer that is poured to exact safety specifications and a top weather and wear resistant top layer. Playsafe Turf system by Shawgrass is a superior playground turf system that was specifically designed for high traffic play areas. It's a playground artificial grass that's designed for heavy traffic. A poured rubber playground surface can be a welcome addition to a local community playground, public or commercial park, or kid-friendly space for years to come. Is Pea Gravel or Rubber Mulch Safer for Playgrounds? Playgrounds and Toxic Threats- Healthy Schools Network, Inc. Recent developments in technology have allowed for rubber to be shredded up and recycled as rubber mulch; playground rubber mulch is a safer type of outdoor playground flooring compared to more traditional mulches that can break into splinters and pierce the skin. Playground-tested Cushioning Padding Underlayment. We also offer playground borders to keep loose-fill materials in place, and ramps to ensure ADA accessibility. Our artificial turf provides the appropriate Padding  The infill consists of a measured combination of sand and crumb rubber to provide the necessary stability to the turf and proper support to the artificial grass blades  Synthetic Turf Field Recycled Tire Crumb Rubber Characterization Research tire crumb rubber; Study to better understand how children use playgrounds  11 Nov 2019 Artificial turf is manufactured to be slip resistant. Rubber tiles have a good choice for impact absorption, low maintenance, and accessibility. After all, a playground rubber floor is a much kinder and softer surface for little feet than traditional  fun abounds carries playground surfacing for parks and playgrounds from leading manufacturers including, BCI Burke, GroundSmart, and Rubber Designs. Playground turf is just like our landscape turf, but typically has a higher face weight, a more durable fiber, or a combination of the two. GT Impax Poured in Place (PIP) Rubber is the most durable and longest lasting surfacing solution available. Our system will meet “head fall” requirements of the International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association (IPEMA). Fibar. Safety surfacing provides a soft place, absorbing the shock of running, jumping, landing and falling. On this project  We specialise in rubber surfacing for a range of applications and other sandpits and many other associated rubber products including synthetic turf. Poured-in-place rubber surfacing costs $1,800 to $3,500 to install on a 140-square-foot surface. Call 203-659-0456 or email us at info@trassig. Most synthetic turf needs infill. These sports and playground turfs account for an ideal option since they have Play Turf is installed to provide the proper impact attenuation for playgrounds at a range of fall heights, and it is a great option for ADA accessibility. Engineered Wood Fiber 2. Traditional turf options like wood chips, sand, mulch, and even rubber wear down significantly as time goes by – especially in high traffic areas like swings and the landing in front of a slide. Sometimes called “wet pour rubber flooring”, “rubberized playground surfacing”, “safety flooring for playgrounds”, or “playground base”, it can be installed when a playground is being built or for an existing playground. more info May 03, 2020 · The playground, which opened in November, includes wheelchair ramps, soft and smooth surface turf, accessible swings and a wheelchair rocker for kids of all abilities to enjoy. Consider Synthetic Grass When Designing Playgrounds for Children. Playsafer rubber mulch is an exceptional playground protection surface, as it provides unmatched shock absorbency, and greatly reduces the incidence of playground injuries. On a playground, rubber surfaces are a popular safety option. Playground turf helps increase kid’s playtime, which is essential to optimum child development. When astro turf is installed, it has a fully perforated backing meaning any excess rain water can be washed away effortlessly. Synthetic Turf 4. Option 5: Rubber Mulch. 0 out of 5 stars 310 The Recycled Rubber Products Guarantee. Click to our playground surfacing products and get a custom  With Rymar Synthetic Playground Turf a hard abrasive surface is no longer a threat to a child's safety and it is a more sanitary alternative to sand and pea gravel. Maxx Clear restores, preserves, and extends the surface life of poured-in-place rubber surfacing, splash pads, and running track surfaces; it makes colors POP again. Playsafer Rubber Playground Tiles - 2" Thick Interlocking Safety Flooring for Sorbus Grass Mat Interlocking Grass Tiles – Soft Artificial Carpet Grass Turf  24 Jan 2020 Having developed the safest artificial grass, SYNLawn systems offer the 5 best types of sod for your children's playgrounds. Installing turf is also much less difficult than it seems and there are only a few small steps that need to be followed in order to ensure that your turf area is properly installed. Burke Turf ® combines rugged durability with remarkable softness and beauty that allows it to be used in both sports and playground areas! With the look and feel of fine blade fescue or blue grass lawn, it is a perfect complement to any playground area and helps keep children of all abilities moving! Playground Flooring. Therefore, choosing a playground surface is your most important consideration. is a full-service surfacing company offering several options of safety surfaces for playgrounds, aquatic areas, walkways, and multi-use recreational areas. For details, Call Now! Mar 06, 2018 · Avoid mouth contact with playground surfacing materials, including mouthing, chewing, or swallowing playground rubber. Flexitec Synthetic Surface offers an array of soft fall, playground surfaces, artificial turf and playground rubber for your outdoor area. Expect to spend about $2,200 on average. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly 80% of children injuries is a result of falling from playground equipment. Our artificial turf playground solutions are fertilizer free and safe for your children. The impact-absorbing padding provides a soft, safe cushioning system beneath the turf as well as other key benefits. Our IPEMA-certified and ADA-compliant poured, turf & tile  Let's make playtime safer and better with our Playsafe Turf Rolls. Burke Turf - Artificial Turf for playgrounds - Burke Turf™ is the perfect playground surfacing option for your park, recreation or school playground. Water flows freely through the system, making your playground ready to use even after a heavy rainfall. Unlike rubber playground safety tiles, poured playground surfaces are seamless. 22 Jun 2012 Playground tiles and rubber mulch should be used in your local park or also be wood chips, bark mulch, rubber mulch or artificial turf grass. A previous NBC News  Our exclusive artificial grass surfaces have a more natural look and feel than rubber tiles, stay in place better than mulch or pea gravel, and are easier to install and  Our playground artificial grass is safer, cleaner and softer than any other artificial or organic play surface including the best rubber playground surfacing. SpectraPour has been used on thousands of projects throughout the US at parks, schools, daycare centers, and other applications requiring a high quality, poured rubber safety surface. Some of the most popular Turf companies for Artificial Turf in Florida are known for providing smooth and durable synthetic lawns for playgrounds. While the infill may shift due to winds and being kicked out of place, during our maintenance visits, we will be able to redistribute the rubber in order to keep your children safe. 75” depending upon fall We specialize in patching rubber "poured-in-place" surfacing. PIP safety surfacing gives you color, designs and theme options that are eye-catching (to attract the kids) or that blend in with the existing landscaping (to keep the Provides a safe, sanitary play area for children underneath and around playground equipment. · Synthetic Turf Wish your park or playground had lush green grass? With synthetic turf you do not need to spend hours maintaining it. Low sheen with extreme UV protection. Finding the right surface for a playground can be hard work. , with over 26 years of experience in the manufacture and installation of playground safety surfacing, will reduce the number and severity of injuries caused by falls to the surface. Rubber Mulch: To install mulch, create a “box” around your playground area to contain the mulch and fill it to the desired depth. Rymar Rubber Mulch is a loose fill, recycled rubber playground safety surface. Synthetic Turf is an engineered artificial grass product that gives a playground surface the appearance of natural grass but offers impact attenuation protection. The single surface  A superior play surface changing the way kids play. Here are just a few reasons to choose GroundSmart™ Rubber Mulch for your playground surface material: offers superior fall protection, easy maintenance, cost savings and more! Poured rubber surfacing specifically designed to be extremely shock-absorbent. If your occupation requires you to stand or walk for long shifts, there are basically two ways to survive – strong, durable rubber flooring that relieves some of the fatigue, or fugly orthopedic shoes. Tiles are great flooring options for Playgrounds, Gyms, and Indoor applications. Order Crumb Rubber from reRubber Pressure washing also causes problems breaking down the rubber compound. Our PIP system consists of 2 main layers providing an attenuating, soft, cushioned feel. Our Playground Sports Turf system is designed for all types of playground equipment and protects children from falls as high as 12-feet in accordance with IPEMA standards and CSA approved fall attenuation. In addition, Synthetic Turf meets ADA guidelines, providing wheelchair access. Playground Rubber Mulch provides a colorful, long-lasting option for loose fill surfacing. West Coast, USA. Synthetic turf has evolved from use in residential and commercial applications and found its way into the playground industry. Criss-cross-applesauce your legs, sit back and listen up. This is achieved because of the bonded rubber and synthetic turf used for the surfacing. Trassig Offers DIY Commercial Playground Products: Playground Safety Surfacing Repair Kits, Playground Equipment, Poured in Place Rubber, Synthetic Turf, Site Amenities, Shade Structures and Sports Equipment. The ProPLAY series features a variety of artificial residential turf options for playground use, designed to meet your specific application needs. Accessible: Our pour-in-place rubber is ADA-compliant and wheelchair-accessible, helping you to provide a fun space for everyone. Your kids will love It! The extra foam padding is installed beneath the synthetic turf to help cushion a fall. Equi-Turf (formerly Unique Surfacing, LLC) specializes in poured rubber flooring for playgrounds, focusing mainly on daycare centers, schools, malls, water parks, and city or county recreational parks. Regular grass, rubber mulch and other recreational ground covers are often bumpy and uneven. MEGAGRASS Premium Deluxe Artificial Grass for Playgrounds [Indoor or Outdoor Turf Rug Flooring and Thick Fake Grass Play Mat Pads for Kids, Pets, Dogs, Parks, Schools, and Daycares] 4. It’s the best playground surface for safety if your play area will host young children: Babies won’t have loose materials to shove into their mouths, and playground turf is soft enough to crawl on and flat to help new walkers stay balanced. Used specifically for super efficient playground underlay installations Aero Shockpads Safina artificial turf is available in two options for different applications. On the other hand, rubber mulch as an artificial turf infill will provide much-needed evenness and cushioning for any lawn activity. Artificial turf grass, Yes, Yes, High, Yes. Our courteous Regional Sales Managers at No Fault would like to help you with planning your flooring project . But one option offers many more benefits and is, ultimately, the safest choice: artificial turf. • Durability and safety: All of our playground turf is completely drainable and can be paired with either rubber infill, or a padded underlayment to increase the fall height rating, keeping your kids clean and safe. Your surfacing choices are: Engineered Wood Fiber, Poured in Place Rubber, Rubber Tiles, Rubber Mulch and Synthetic Turf. We specialize in Pour, Place & Artificial Turf Shop Costco’s selection of playground mulch for materials that will keep your kids clean and protected. (717) 560-8050 (800) 821-4557 (717) 560-8054 service@abacussurfaces. Communities, parents, state and local officials are encouraged to explore Federal Agency websites to review the research results available to date on the use of recycled rubber tires for playgrounds and artificial turf fields. Learn more about the report from the presentation given in a public webinar on August 6th, 2019. Provide excellent line of Artificial Grass, Safety Surfacing for Playground, walking path, jogging trails, landscape, splash pad and dog parks. Despite what many people may believe, poured in place rubber surface is not 100% maintenance-free. Artificial Turf Artificial turf can be used for playground surfacing by installing the turf over a foam underlayment. We specialise in the supply and installation of soft fall wet pour rubber and soft fall synthetic grass (artificial/fake grass/turf). There are several different types of rubber mulch to choose from to accommodate your specific needs. Our playground ADA Compliant rubber reducer that interlocks with turf tiles to reduce tripping hazard. Wright has published over 200 research studies, mainly focusing on environmental factors, such as exposures to chemical mixtures, that influence children’s health It is mandated that all public playgrounds have appropriate safety surfacing under and around play structures. We offer engineered wood fiber, rubber mulch, pour in place and rubber turf for playgrounds of all sizes. Intricate and highly-detailed designs can be created using the wide array of colors available. are truly the experts for your next project. At Innovative Sport Surfacing, we offer top quality rubber mulches to guarantee the maximum level of safety for your playground. Burke Turf. Using hard surfaces like concrete, pavers, earth or grass can be life threatening. Synthetic Turf is intended for utilization in and around commercial playing fields and playgrounds. IPEMA certified  15 Jan 2020 What makes poured in place rubber playground surfacing (also called rubber playground turf) an excellent choice for work and play areas of all  With millions of square feet of playground turf installed, XGrass leads the Our Heat Block™ technology is cooler too - up to 17. Ecoturf Surfacing creates safe and reliable indoor and outdoor playground Bonded Rubber Mulch, Synthetic Turf, Loose Fill Rubber Mulch, Aquatic Pad  5 Jun 2009 The scent of tire rubber wafted over the busy, five-field complex as a dozen third- graders flopped onto artificial turf infused with gravel-sized,  Looking for an Artificial Turf or Fake Playground Grass Supplier for Your Playground Near Bradenton | Tampa | Fort Myers | Naples? What is synthetic grass for  Affordable Playground Surfaces · Foam drainage triangles · Rubber mats · Geotextile fabric · Rubber mulch nuggets · Synthetic turf · Engineered wood fiber. The product is designed to bring the look of nature to your play environment while providing compliant impact attenuation. Artificial turf for playgrounds is an alternative for rubber and natural mulches. playground rubber turf

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