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dt360 swap mpg To me the dt360 would be better then the t444e, for one its mechanical injected, it can be in-framed (rebuilt in the truck), and can be made to put out a lot of power. 0L Power Stroke can be a strong running and reliable engine with a lot of potential for performance and fuel economy increases. All […] Continue Reading » I have nothing against the 7. The DT 466 is about 20% bigger all the way around. I have a general idea of. 9 liters; produced by six in-line cylinders with a bore and stroke of 4. 9 Cummins. The t444e engine is parent bore. We are finally getting caught up at the shop and started working on the DT466 truck. 010 by 4. 7 Common Rail Cummins into 08 and later Fords Jan 18, 2012 · The dt360 can make power easy has the same bosh pump the 92-98 (having a blank I believe it was these years) cummins have. If you want a good Navistar built engine in a pickup use a DT360! I'm sorry, but own a 5. 1973 Ford 390 Engine and More - $750 (Talladega) Calls Only. 28, 2007 — ELECTRICAL CIRCUIT DIAGRAMS 6. I am assuming that i will need most of the ~2 gals to get up, plus a small about to idle/coast down. International Harvester DT360 5. Sounds like a great option for a swap. So here is the update you have all been waiting for! Also stay tuned unt The DT360A proved slightly more economical than last year's enduro. 5 mpg on the long trips at 70 mph, but I can only get about 8 mpg at 60 mph, so I feel it is a good speed for fuel tradeoff. 02-19-2018 2001 F350 with 68K miles on the body but a 230K 5. In this version sold from year 1974 , the dry weight is and it is equiped with a Twin, four-stroke motor. May 23, 2019 · The 466 and 360 do not even have the same bore or stroke. The 5. The 6. Vice President/Group Publisher Thomas W. Keystone Turbo L. It won't work out so well for you. As a cost-effective method for boost, Holset fixed geometry turbochargers excel in technical performance, which directly translates into engine fuel economy. 74 Yamaha DT360 75 Dt530 Ecm - irge. New member here in Nova Scotia. Advance Adapters 716131-A 716131-A CHEVY V8 / TORQFLT (KIT IS THE SAME AS B and Apr 09, 2017 · But lately I've been thinking about doing a DT360/Spicer 6+1 swap instead. Feb 03, 2010 · HI I'm Wayne, You can increase HP, by turning up the pump. It has really been a great bus for us but I'm always on the look out for another good bus. I am using a E40D and the Carson Adapter plate. Aero mod the box. A lot has changed since then, and Gomer's Diesel Inc. 9 Cummins will blow away the old 360 ,unfortunately. They were also reliable, not bad fuel economy and had great warranties. 6 Ford, DT360 IH and gas engines). 6 & 7. That 345 in a cj5 was a torque monster. This is actually easier than it sounds if you follow one important step. 4 gallons. 20 Results Mileage: 7,921 mi. Gomer's Diesel Inc. At the moment i am not sure Our custom designed, direct fit adapter plates designed to adapt the DT360/DT466 motor to the 4R100, 5R110, E4OD, ZF5, 7. 4, but also went to wire wheels (I prefer alloy to run tubeless) and dual exhausts (I like the 4 into 1). Cummins ISL and QSL Main Bearing Bolts 128 mm [5 in] Capscrew step 1 = 50 Nm [ 37 lb. 25 x 19 inches at the front and 4 x 18 inches at the back. L. i don't know if that would necessarily give you the results you're However, it is not cheap by any means, given that the hypermax cover alone is 1400 I am hoping this is a little cheaper and leaves me some cash for some more go fast parts. normally gets you a bit more top end power and a bit better mpg's, yet eguals a slower spooling turbo off the line If you get a similar model/year 466 I think most everything would be the same. 2wd here is what i am looking at : DT360 mechanical Engine , with a Manual Transmission. The factory (93-94) 7. 1992 Ford 460 Engine$650. x VT365: VT365. Discussions. Mar 19 2017 F350 6. 2 Detroit, 6. 9 but it is built much heavier. 2 High Performance Engine Modifications. I've been researching this swap and have found that the Cummins to Super Duty has very strong aftermarket support, basically, it can be a bolt in swap with a kit from FordCummins or Destroked. It is a big engine, I loved my DT360 in my old box truck. These Ford 6. Discover innovative products, made possible by the collective wisdom of our users. Stop judging the car by them. Plus keeps My Int 4700 service truck has a 6 speed and I get 10-12 mpg and my truck weighs about 24K. In 2009, Hamm decided to swap in a LBZ Duramax diesel. 2012 was the last year that Navistar could sell their own diesel engines because of the EPA demand for cleaner emissions. 1 on the 412 miles from Whitehall, MT to my place in Wyoming holding a steady 65 mph on the flats and 45 mph on the steepest hills which had me passing over the road rigs. 6 Nov 2014 Real popular in buses behind 5. 9 or 7. 5/6. 9 Cummins would fit, but I would prefer a DT360 (I would really prefer a What are your thoughts on axle swap even if the axle has air brakes that came  19 Feb 2013 Amazing fuel economy and great torque. Jun 13, 2017 · REMANUFACTURED 93-94 FORD / INTERNATIONAL 7. It works out to be about the same amount of money, but then I have a true medium-duty engine and transmission that's still IH and it's more unique than your average build. Nov 05, 2012 · On the 1997-up trucks its faster to lift the cab off the frame to swap motors than try to use the *extremely* limited space ford gives you for routine maintenance, much less big jobs. As far as perfomance ,a 5. The horse torque numbers of this trucks power plant are right on par with a first Jun 13, 2017 · REMANUFACTURED 93-94 FORD / INTERNATIONAL 7. 5 I-6 in it, Dana 5 speed behind it. All had only 120,000 - 136,000 miles when the engines failed. The CB110 has the most accurate speedo I have ever had on any bike Clock, but no temperature display, as did my Moto Guzzi Gear indicator The trucks had 200,000 miles, 400,000 miles and 500,00 miles. 9L, 87-94, Engine Serial # 362GM2U074372, Stock# 1856 Test Run Inspected Condition Used US Engine Production has been a trusted provider of new and remanufactured high quality engines at competitive prices for over 35 years. 6L International DT466 has a bore and stroke of 4. 2 J code diesel from a HMMWV, full rebuild, serpentine belt from a new 6. Each Grande Punto is equipped with a maintenance reminder system that illuminates a service message on the instrument cluster when the system has determined that it's time for regular maintenance. 67 F100 The 94 also gets 2 mpg better. I think a 5. USEP produces over 5500 diesel and gas engines each year in our 180,000 sq. If you want to message me directly, or  5 Dec 2016 A John Deere-powered Ram 1500, a DT360-equipped Ford F-350 and a Check out the most out-of-the-box diesel swaps we've come across. I have looked at installing a 5. 74 Yamaha DT360 75 ATTITUDE PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS 1020 The ADJUSTER by Attitude. 7 swap-South Bend-Smarty TNT/R 1984 Ram W350-360-727-Diesel swap candidate 1970 Challenger 1969 Newport 1968 Roadrunner 1968 Satellite-On the rotisserie There are not many of anything that you can call a Legend but the Navistar/International DT466 diesel engine has to fall into that category. I have converted a 1990 International Bookmobile with a DT360 and Alison automatic into a motorhome and I am about to swap out transmissions. 8mpg but didnt pull worth a f--k I wanted to give my Ford 300 the horse power of 360 FE v8 (215 HP), but needed 50% better MPG. $1600 or best offer. Over the years, we’ve seen oil burners transform fullsize trucks into 30 mpg fuel sippers, 1,000 hp tire melters, and uber-reliable daily drivers. Billet flexplate or dual Nov 10, 2020 · (GOOD USED) 1991 International DT360 Diesel Engine For Sale, 185HP @ 2700RPM, 6 Cylinder, Mechanical Injection, 5. 9 (DT360). 3 IDI turbo diesel engines are becoming very difficult to come by but Promar is one of the few companies still offering them. Detroit seems to have conquered the emission The worst MPG I ever recorded was about 16, towing and hauling more than the truck itself weighs. Overall the 466 is a good motor, it always starts and has alright power, but once they get up there in miles they become painfully under powered. 203/358-9900 or 800/776-1246 Fax: 203/358-5819. See more ideas about Bmw cafe racer, Bmw motorcycles, Cafe racer. I know they have Fuel mileage, I can not speak on as the trucks were getting 5- 8mpg. We also had about 10 5. Apr 21, 2017 · The dt360 will run with aid. The Navistar DT engine family is a line of mid-range inline-6 diesel engines. $65. The trouble was, the power came at a cost. The DT-360 also started much better in cold weather (neither one had any starting aids). You don't have permission to rate! Post Reply. 1 and 12. This was swapped into the Camaro, with a 47RH automatic from a Dodge diesel truck. Jul 17, 2014 · diy intake - hydra chip - marty's e-fuel - 250/200s 05 axle swap 3. Who is US Diesel Parts. My motor was replaced with a 304 from a matador. The freightliner i had FL70 was a box truck it had the 275hp 7 speed with a 370 gear it was a dog pulling a gooseneck with 15,000lbs on it was just a flat land truck it did get 9. 9 motor needs work, as well as the MPG and everything will be much better since my truck is my daily. The 4BT, and the 6. There is a guy on one of the diesel forums that replaced the 6. 1965 Mercury Comet conv. 1. ft. Add to Cart. 3 IDI V8, built by international. 81/8. 3L mated to an 8LL geared for fuel economy (4. try finding a 5. 13 Mar 2010 I want good towing power, good fuel economy and dependability. The very best discounts are available 365 days a year. editor’s page. g. Dont Ask Rick quot Super Hunky quot Sieman Answers Your Questions: Dirtbike : Super Hunky says, quot Go ahead and ask, but if your question is stupid, you ve been warned quot Area Diesel is the #1 source for quality diesel parts! Whether you’re an owner operator or a fleet, a small independent repair shop or a chain, Area Diesel has the parts you need at prices you can afford! With lower horsepower and verses their high torque output, common fuel economy in 12-valve trucks is 14-18 mpg in the city and 19-25 on the highway, depending on how the truck is set up. Feb 16, 2018 · Fuel economy continues to hover in the low 50s. The DT530 and 570 are, I think, stroked 466's. 9 Cummins, 8. Engine Manufacturer: Stock Number: C57896 Mileage: 16,042 mi We pull the old 6. 9 was used until 87, in 88 they punched it out to a 7. With an impressive EPA-estimated 30 miles per gallon, the F-150 diesel engine will be released in spring 2018. Remove the throttle linkage from the throttle shaft. Expect about 2 mpg worse with the auto, but still, 19mpg for a full size, 4wd truck is pretty damn good. Anyone hoping to find a good price for a used DT360 engine can shop here online. 5 in his '95 4wd burb with an '02 LB7 D-max/Allison and he said that the stock D-max will accelerate faster at 1/4 throttle than the modified 6. Oct 23, 2014 · I just picked up a 82 xt 250 and it was a disaster! So I've been tinkering and I got new tires and tubes, new chain, new petcock, a couple new fasteners and a Aug 18, 2017 · 11 Reasons Why the 12-Valve Cummins Is the Ultimate Diesel Engine 5 Forgotten Chevrolet and GMC Truck Concepts That Were Never Built (And What We Got Instead) Power to the P-Pump: Injecting New Life Into a 24-Valve Cummins It Runs Forever: 3 Of America's Most Successful Unkillable Engines Automatic lockup clutch, throttle-modulated for maximized fuel economy and enhanced engine braking. frame rebuilds on international DT360 engines The tires were 3. Demand for them is low, since most guys swap them out for a DT466 in the IH trucks. Cummins 12v swap is more work, but good aftermarket support for getting it done almost any way you want. The 466 takes a lot of work, is 1800lbs and pretty long The DT360 uses a mechanical fuel injection, a standard turbocharger and is the smallest model of the DT family. The all looked Brand New! The first thing that I noticed was how Quiet they were! They are getting around 6. 9 or DT360 might get you a little better mileage than the 466, they will be a bit marginal for power but should provide about the same performance as the multifuel. 3L IDI FORD / International - Remanufactured Injectors - (and "Tune-Up Kits") fit 1983 - 1994 Non-Turbo Typically by 100,000 miles IDI injectors are worn and new injectors will increase efficiency / fuel economy and reduce smoke. It just seemed like a crazy low price… A Lot of Candy for a Dime! They were Fleet trucks from Dallas. 5 gallon tank, but only 38 MPG. 4 Sep 2014 You will find that no two swaps are the same here is how I mounted my engine. Better buy than the Honda IMHO, depending on what Honda is looking to charge for it I suppose and whether Honda is going to offer that performance on 87 octane or 93. The dt360 according to hypermax will handle well into 2000hp. In-cab fuel controller for the P7100 injection pump. The 360 is a tough little guy, and can handle more than the Cummins 6BT. ,995. By b4pw - Monday, May 19, 2014 7:58 PM: Thanks Dan, while looking for other information, i did see in a 1965 parts manual I have that the perkins was offered then. Cool. There is a 360 and 466 swap page on Facebook. Options Destroked Adpater Plates Unlike other adapter plates, the Destroked unit doesn't require you to relieve your transmission which will void any warranty or cause problems with future service issues. I wouldn't be surprised if the company isn't here in 5 years. There were several amc with the 304. 30 Sep 2014 Ok, so I have been looking at swapping my truck over to the ole 5. Apr 24, 2019 · The 360 is comparable in size to a 5. Jun 23, 2020 · The fuel economy was poor. My truck is a 96 F350 4-door dually. Built-in inhibitors prevent downshifts or shifts into reverse unless vehicle speed is within an acceptable range. 4 style ZF6. Another DT360 swap. I've been encouraging 360 swaps for a few years now. Posted By Kobethefarmer 2 Years Ago. To get better MPG for the money. DT360 transmission options Hello all. 5" pure perf. Not DT380--DT360. Need help with a 6. Last I heard, the DT360 made 1000+hp long before a 6BT did. This can result in improved performance and fuel economy over non-optimized engines. Inline 6-Cylinder DT360 F350 dt360 F350 dt360 Another DT360 swap. If it's a $20k car with the specs you outline then Nov 21, 2018 · Was a direct bolt in swap iirc. 8 Ford, DT466 IH) came with MT635 Allisions. Jan 17, 2005 · I would stay away from anything that is not a E motor (It will say DT466E on the hood) the computer controled one should eeek out better MPG's. CM1995, Jun 17, 2012 #7. 9L, ’87-’94, Engine Serial # 362GM2U074372, Stock# 1856 Test Run & Inspected Int Mar 24, 2014 · That would be the 6-354 Perkins, HP was about 120-130 @ 2800. 9 cummins for that lol Dt360 engine specs Aug 18, 2017 · 11 Reasons Why the 12-Valve Cummins Is the Ultimate Diesel Engine 5 Forgotten Chevrolet and GMC Truck Concepts That Were Never Built (And What We Got Instead) Power to the P-Pump: Injecting New Life Into a 24-Valve Cummins It Runs Forever: 3 Of America's Most Successful Unkillable Engines Jan 10, 2012 · The bus pulled every Interstate hill in PA at 30MPH on the governor (needed a gear between 3rd and 4th) and averaged 9. What appeals more to me is the IH DT360 from the late 80's to I think 93. 6 I aint wanting to build a Monster. Our buses take a beating and get almost no preventive maint. 35 inches. The most surprising operational difference between the two enduros was in the oil consumption. A Cummins 5. www. View. com 97 Deer Park Road • Port Angeles (360) Marine swap meet Entry fee is $100 per PORT ANGELES — The four-person team. production facility in Vassar, MI. I've seen them go for as low as $1000, and a few for $1500. ) But the original MKI design asks for more. I would look into the newer 466e for a lesser expensive serp conversion though, it might swap out nice and be much more cost effective. 5 MPG. They are solid engines. With horsepower ratings ranging from 170 hp (130 kW) to 350 hp (260 kW), the Navistar DT engines are used primarily in medium-duty truck and bus applications such as school buses, although some versions have been developed for heavy-duty regional-haul and severe-service applications. I've decided to swap my 360 V8 with a 360 straight-six. 3 cummins and i have a 3126cat. It now is pushing 500,000 miles, … read more CK5 NETWORK. AdvertisementClick Here to Read MoreAdvertisement If the 466 is not enduring I don’t know what is. Best case scenario it probably is like putting  31 Aug 2017 It is definitely not the 7. All […] Continue Reading » Dt466 Swap Dt466 Swap Aug 16, 2020 · The mods to my car/engine have raised mpg to 20+ hwy and 14+ town. 1977 Yamaha DT 400 D 2-Stroke Street Legal Enduro - Clean matching numbers FL TITLE in hand in my name; frame & engine numbers match as well - Runs good & starts 1-2 kicks from cold - Shifts through all 5 gears just fine without issue - Brakes are good; the rear pads are newly installed - Inside of tank is clean with no noticeable rust inside or out; tank does have a few minor indentations First step: Choosing the correct rear seal installer for the Navistar DT360, DT466, DT466E, 1530E, 570, 570HT The fact Navistar has 3 different seal sizes on the 466 engine leads to confusion on what rear seal installer I need to order. The dt360 is an awesome engine, but internet searches are hard pressed to turn up much info, and I have an entire yard of media duty / heavy duty semi truck parts and tractor parts at my disposal. Pump work, injectors, turbo is what you need to make the power. 9 Cummins and the DT360 are very similar in size, same displacement, similar dimensionally, the International being slightly heavier, wet sleeved giving it in frame rebuild potential. I like the DT360. 5 mpg. Ih r190 Engine swap; Ih r190 Engine swap. They run 7 days a week, about 500 miles/day. They have been fairly reliable since then with a few glitches here and there. project $4500. Ih r190 Engine swap. Below 3k I get mid 40s mpg, after 3k I get mid 30s. Would suit show bike. Any thoughts on what tire pressure I should be running? Tires seem low I’ve been looking for a gas station with an air pressure gauge. Structural rigidity, practically, fuel economy, safety, these are not considerations here. My though was to stick with an older mechanical style like a dt360 or maybe a cummins 12 valve as parts are a ton cheaper and seem a lot more reliable. Automatic upshifting and downshifting within each drive range. Thx Diesel_brad The International DT360 was manufactured from 1987 to 1993 for trucks and buses, after which the DT-466, the Engine Specification Data for the International DT360. These fuel-economy advantages mean that fixed geometry turbochargers are a key customer solution as emissions regulations continue to become more stringent. UK International Navistar DT466 Maxxforce Oil Cooler Filter Assembly 1842544c94. Not a trans I'd be bragging about or comparing to. Tail panels, air dam, side fillers, etc. They're reliable engines, but not a lot of power (even in turbo trim), hard starting when cold, and very noisy. Haven't had much time to do any more digging. Sep 04, 2009 · The 466 with fluids is nearly 1500 lbs,the DT360 is almost as heavy. 00. some carbs. I think you'd do well with The DT466. The internals on these engines handle turbocharging better than the factory NA engine. 3 in a 1-ton vehicle but it doesn't have the torque for a deuce. Another C4 trans that needs bell housing or repair bell housing $350. May 01, 2019 · I have no particular love for the Excursion, but there is a place in my fantasy garage for the ‘mid-90s equivalent that Centurion made from F-350 crew cabs and Broncos (with a DT360 swap to replace the stock boat anchor engines). Mar 26, 2019 · At the 2016 SEMA Show, Steve Roberts from Advance Adapters and Stephen “Steve” Sanders of Cummins Repower program share in-depth details on the Cummins 2. 6. Dec 05, 2016 · The promise of improved fuel efficiency, million-mile durability and endless power potential make the modern diesel engine a very popular choice for swap projects. yea, ive seen a couple 360 swaps. 3 in] Capscrew 2000 freightliner tipper c12 cat heaps of power and unbelievable fuel economy and 18sp box cross lock diffs low klms great truck regretful sale. 9 Cummins or an International DT360 so it has useable power Dec 22, 2010 · ScanGauge - SG2 II Ultra Compact 3-in-1 Automotive Computer with Customizable Real-Time Fuel Economy Digital Gauges $156. away Call 967-5888 aft 6 1971 VW KARMAN GHIA new engine, clutch, paint iob, inspect-ed. If you need to lower at speed RPM, put an over drive  18 Dec 2011 how much shorter is the dt360 then the dt466from the fan to the belhousing. Yamaha Dt 250 A model 1974 fuel and oil tanks in better than new condition ,it is missing fuel cap lock, brand new fuelcock. Proven time and time again at drag and sled pulls. 3. Двигатели International. The DT will be mounted to an Allison 1000 with a NP263xHD on the back of it to keep my 4-wheel drive capability. 2 and a gm3 turbo from a 6. 11 rear when swapped out the allison at545 for a spicer 5 speed i went from 7 mpg 8. My fuel mileage is about 7. Full control on the fly! Adds power/increases fuel economy, etc. 3 was offered with an optional factory turbocharger. ft ] step 2 = 95 Nm [ 70 lb. I was leaning towards IH DT360 (literal twin to a 6BT) New Holland 6. 54s = too fast for cruising speed. . 1977 Yamaha DT 400 D 2-Stroke Street Legal Enduro - Clean matching numbers FL TITLE in hand in my name; frame & engine numbers match as well - Runs good & starts 1-2 kicks from cold - Shifts through all 5 gears just fine without issue - Brakes are good; the rear pads are newly installed - Inside of tank is clean with no noticeable rust inside or out; tank does have a few minor indentations Nov 12, 2015 · In 2012 we acquired seven Navistar school buses with Maxxforce 7 diesel engines. or the detroit 11. but full load speed is closer to 50-55 mph, the slowest ive had it pull down to on a hill was 63 mph and was only at 15 lbs of boost highest boost Cool. 6BT engines have a better track record than ISB (24-valve and common rail) engines. The fact that you can bolt almost any part from a 466 built ’78-’93 or ’94-2004 […] Supposedly, power increases and there is either a negligable or minor increase in MPG. OC via dirt truck road that has an average 10% grade. 751 inches. Thanks for the info. The swap is roughly the same cost give or take $500. Or do we pretty If you look at a DT360, it is very similar to a 5. BELLHOUSING DOES NOT NEED CUT/NOTCHED FOR STARTER. 3 remanufactured injectors are second to none. ) The addition of battery and full lighting equipment, a swap from alloy wheel rims to steel, and a steering damper contributed to the TS400's extra 47 pounds over the TM. C30. The main problem will be the weight. has not only adapted to the changes in the diesel industry but has grown to become the #1 diesel truck parts shop in Western Montana and well beyond. I intend to upgrade the truck's suspension to that of a 1-ton with a set of Dana 80's under it in order to hold the almost 1400lb beast. “The truck as a platform is perfect for what I want it to do. *my local dealership had the scr950 on sale and I did a straight up swap for my 2013 R6. (Just find one with A/C. Jan 26, 2012 · Dt360 will out last, out run, and out pull a 5. I see a lot of buses available with a DT360 and I'm wondering how this engine compares with the 466. 9L, ’87-’94, Engine Serial # 362GM2U074372, Stock# 1856 Test Run & Inspected Int Jul 07, 2017 · I'm not saying you'll get 30% more mpg because of other variables like momentum, but 3k with 3. Editorial Staff Jim Mele Editorial Director jim. direction to apply on the motor but I do lack the experience and know how on this engine to make serious power. During a 3-day, 500-mile test jaunt with both a '73 and '74 enduro, the DT360A averaged 38 mpg while an accompanying RT3 recorded 35 mpg. I am NOT looking to make 500 hp and 1500 ft lbs of torque or rolling coal with this thing. Welcome to Carson Stauffer Diesel Service has made adapters and installed a D360 in place of a Powerstroke. Durability. Had to lift the cab to get the down pipe out, sold my h&s tuner, exhaust, and intake for $1700. 9 24v, DT360, DT466 and Cat 3124. Aug 31, 2014 · I built a DT360 for a crew-cab international hauler project, and they a awesome engine! but with that said, my second choice is the cummins. Which is worth it for longevity. I'm not a wealthy man. I spent a month reading, copying and pasting parts numbers, reading whether I needed a heat plate for my intake manifold, what type of pistons to use, the best head gasket, and every other aspect of the build. Jun 14, 2013 · 38 MPG HWY. Doing a motor swap on a 97-up truck is a nightmare with a hoist I don't think I would take one on if I didn't have access to one. IMO, the trick will be to find one mated to a transmission that you want to Sep 10, 2020 · Yamaha DT250 DT360 DT400 Throttle Cable, 437-26311-02. For example a normal "automatic transmission" on a regular video game would only usually shift up just before or on redline. And you don't need any special tools to rotate or loosen the IP. 3005 by 5. The gentleman used a 4r100, had an adapter made to bolt it to the engine. Honda's business began as a producer of piston rings. Original 89 Jeep YJ with manual steering and a 4 banger, pulled it all out, frame off build. Displacement The International DT 360 has a displacement of 360 cubic inches or 5. I have nothing against the 7. This adapter plate requires the use of our included Custom Flexplate: SKU#1327 Dec 31, 2006 · xctasy VIP Member Posts: 7215 Joined: Sat Nov 09, 2002 4:40 pm Location: PO Box 7072 Dunedin 9011,South Island, NEW ZEALAND Early E4OD Range Sensors are Prone to Failure. Jan 01, 2014 · Fuel Economy: 10 to 14 mpg Engine: Engine: 5. Dt360 engine specs I have done it. Same things one does to a Cummins 5. Jan 20, 2012 · The DT360 is size and weight equivalent to a 5. C6 Transmission $67 Cougar 289 Engine$750. I have had a couple of those as well. 9l cummins mechanical but recently I found a DT360 in a 72 passenger bus with a 545 allison. 5-9 mpg. That savings will add up quickly. wildernissan. With what you plan to do it will probably get 10 MPG. 681-5990 '81 VW RABBIT - Diesel, 11,000 mi, up to 50 MPG, 4 dr, 5 spd, AMFM stereo. Must sell make me an offer. it Dt530 Ecm Final note, the 88 DT360 will have an MW pump stock. I need some advice on which swap I should do. 99 F550 CC Western Hauler This past weekend I had a few days to work. WRX, 3200 lbs, 265 hp, seats 4, 25 mpg, AWD. Early E4OD Range Sensors are Prone to Failure. (The TM used a 3 x 21-inch front. Read Or Download 07 Cbr1000rr Service Manual For FREE at THEDOGSTATIONCHICHESTER. The DTA360 195HP w/680 lf-ft was an excellent performing engine at GVWs as high as 28k#, if the gearing wasn't too deep. Fuel injectors are a particular type of solenoid that are made to actuate their pistons very quickly. i know on my 1754 with a fairly hot dt466 and a 5. 3 MPG for the entire 1300 mile trip. C. There was a 1200 hp idi out there made by hypermax but as far as i know no one has replicated the results. Port Angeles Yacht Club Each participant Nov 20, 2018 · I had it changed by a tech with a laptop and now it goes 75 mph at about 2500-2600 rpm, which is not too fast for the inline IH engines. I think they were basically the same block, etc, except the 466 was bored out larger or had a longer stroke or something. ATTITUDE PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS 1020 The ADJUSTER by Attitude. 9 IDI before I put another full tank of fuel in this  CLASSIC CUMMINS SWAP IS A MPG MONSTER! rekjavicxxx · 1:59 1986 Suzuki Samurai 1. This is an expedite truck that runs about 90K a year, mostly in the midwest and Ontario. 1 Jun 2007 More care than ever is needed when pairing the 07 diesels with gear ratios to get the best balance between performance and fuel economy. These tanks are as clean as a whistle inside. Diesel Zuk · 7:32  Those Perkins would give 25 MPG in a half or 3/4 ton pickup . Made a bracket for the PS Res, I'm using the res from the bus this engine came from. These 7. 9 VW Turbo Diesel TDI swap. It was very challenging, but the truck is Mar 04, 2005 · We had about 25 or 30 DT-360's in medium chassis and I loved them. 1 - 22 May 05, 2016 · Nice job on the write up Tatum’s! I have a 95′ genisis 36′ skoolie with a dt466 and p-pump. Jump to Latest Follow Feb 05, 2020 · For the past four decades, the Ford F-150 has been the best-selling truck in America. The horse torque numbers of this trucks power plant are right on par with a first The Honda CB 360 model is a Custom / cruiser bike manufactured by Honda . Oct 12, 2017 · Another DT360 Dream Engine Conversion. So not sure how you can just swap internals around. Tag 07 6mtr beaver tail plated 27 tonne Hydraliac ramps needs a paint job . On a 2 ton or so ,not so bad ,but on a half or 3/4 ton ,all that weight is not good . Yamaha RD350 R250 R5 DS7 Dyna S May 24, 2016 · The DT360 is a diesel engine manufactured by International. 73 - 2. Be interested to see how the 3053A works out. html. 15 Mar 2011 If you were going to swap in a diesel into your bump for towing, which of the following would you pick? (I have both, just Final note, the 88 DT360 will have an MW pump stock. The CB1100E is only a 3. Break loose the jamb nut, and screw in the  28 Mar 2011 4-6 MPG is pretty good for what it is. 9/7. lift coils - fox shocks bts trans - tymar down pipe - 4" exhaust $ 850 00 $ 850. Dt360 engine specs. These are your best bang-for-the-buck plans. 6L Long Block Supreme, DT-466E, 175-230 HP(ST) Rear Sump, 12NKA, 12NKB, 12NKC, 12NKD, 12NKE, 12NKG, 12NLA, 12NLB, 12NLC, 12NLD, 12NLG, 12NLE The Fiat Grande Punto was first released for the 2005 model year. They will make power. Honda Motorcycles. pulling my 38 foot camper i only drops to 7. Powerdynamo Rotor Keyway Service $75. What can I do to make my business more viable, is why I did the swap,” said Schmidt. They offer improved fuel economy, efficiency and best of all they are quiet! 6. CO. whos makin the plates? any idea how  1 Jan 2014 Fuel Economy: 10 to 14 mpg Engine: 5. The 7. 1, 2005 to Feb. The potential for lower maintenance costs is one reason behind propane's . One used International DT360 diesel engine Comes complete with Turbo. I picked up my DT-360 for $600 at the local junk yard. As if the popular pickup couldn’t get any better, Ford is coming out with a 2018 Ford F-150 Diesel for the first time ever. was established in 1938 to primarily service the local farming communities in Montana. Supposedly, power increases and there is either a negligable or minor increase in MPG. Find and compare the fuel economy, fuel costs, and safety ratings of new and used cars and trucks. 02-19-2018 The state of manufacturing in general, and engine component production these days domestically, is forcing manufacturers overseas due to many factors. Covid19 Lockdown South Africa 2020 Our Covid message (April 2020) First and most of all, I want you, my friends and customers to still be with us when this is all over, so let's bite the bullet and take this time to prepare our armor of PPE, common sense knowledge, social distancing and hygiene. JDOFMEMI Senior Member. and trouble of trying to do a swap right now. Shop International 4100-4300-4400 Durastar parts at 4 State Trucks. 680 inches. I think it's important to share some of our experiences with other Maxxforce 7 owners. The 1974 Yamaha DT 360 and all other motorcycles made 1894-2021. 06-29-2018 03:00 AM DT360 into a squarebody? DieselSJ. 8, and Mack E7. Posted on June 13, 2017 by promarengine. Specifications. 9L displacement. The Fords and Chevies don't get as good a fuel economy typically, but are still mid to high teens. No, it is not a DT360. This fuel system is horrible to prime, but I have to fix something before proceeding with bleeding it out so keep an eye out for the actual run video as this one was It came to him with a 600-hp small-block Chevy gasser V-8. New tip gaskets and return o-rings are This adapter plate will mate the following GM automatic transmissions to a Cummins 12 Valve and 24 Valve engines: Turbo 350, Turbo 400, and 700r4. That was a big decision to do the swap. 9's in Ford medium chassis as well, the DT-360's made them look sick and got considerably better mileage (consistantly 2 MPG better). 000 per years old Example 5 year old vehicle 12,00 X 5 = 60,000 Miles Diesel engines average higher We always will send lowest miles in stock Used Auto and Truck Engines All Engines Guaranteed 180 Days Our used engines are tested and cleaned Aug 31, 2010 · Re: Maximizing MPG with a DT360 My DT360/545 powered, 10 window/54 passenger 94' burned 39 gallons of No. 7, they had different crankshafts and connecting rods was all. And about 150/175 on a tank of fuel. 9 gallon tank, whereas the 2017 went to 4. 73 Ford 390 V8 Engine $750. Search our listings for new used & aftermarket semi trucks parts & accessories, updated daily from 100's of dealers & private sellers. 3 Cummins, 7. top speed is 68-72 mph depending on wind and hill. 9 Cummins, International DT360 and DT466 can not be compared to any of the engines above. to get the stand alone computer and shifter to make a complete swap. Have to say I was more than impressed with the little DT360. I also, had to stay in business. Honda was founded in 1940s Japan by Soichiro Honda. We decided to take a look behind the curtain to see how some of these components are really made. Jun 22, 2012 · I used to get 11-12 MPG around town and maybe 14 MPG on the HWY. 7L International DT408 has a bore and stroke of 4. That's what I'm after and as a bonus it should still hit low to mid 20's on MPG while runnin down the highway! 3200, 4100, 4200, 4300, 4400, 7300, 7400, 7500, 7600, 7700, 8500, 8600, MXT, RXT Models Built Oct. E4OD would be the easier trans swap since clutch pedals for vans are hen's teeth. Final note, the 88 DT360 will have an MW pump stock. Will sell separate if someone wants just the truck or trailer. 4 L (636 cu in) (1979–1981) Transmission: 4-speed manual 5-speed manual Nov 22, 2012 · 2003 Ram 2500-6. 9 12 valve also work on a IH DT360. 3 style ZF6, or 6. 8L diesel crate engine conversion. Dec 12, 2017 - Explore Umut Çetin's board "Motosikletler" on Pinterest. 301 by 4. A DT360 to be precise. it Dt360 Swap Ford started using this transmission design in 1999 1 mpg. so far I am profiting on the swap $$ wisenot including time. It deserves more. Also have a mint condition DT360 A model bike for sale. Higher hp md trucks (8. 3 idi turbo would be cake to swap. 518" lift cam, heddder, duraspark & Summit CD ign), 4spd, power steering swap, front disc and hydroboost. Repairing, restoring and modifying your classic first generation Blazer or squarebody Chevy just got a whole lot easier. 9 cummins. Pictures. noemotobike. Google the dt360 swapped into a Ford. 8L common rail diesel (CRD) is a potent, fuel efficient, self-contained “crate” […] (GOOD USED) 1991 International DT360 Diesel Engine For Sale, 185HP @ 2700RPM, 6 Cylinder, Mechanical Injection, 5. Cummins is a fluke compared to a real international Diesel. Bike is 100% stock, I swapped factory tires for a Dunlop 404 up front and a Bridgestone Battle Battlewing on the rear. also has some extra parts Feb 16, 2018 · Fuel economy continues to hover in the low 50s. 67 F100, 300(Offy intake, Edelbrock 500, 274*/. I know there have been a few guys over the years that have completed the swap. It was actually cheaper to do the swap than to go out and purchase a 40, 50, or 60 thousand dollar vehicle. Nobody gave the space shuttle shit for not being a very good sailboat. C16 Cat 60 Series Detroit – These Detroit engines are the only ‘newer’ diesel engine in the best semi truck engines. 67 Cougar C4 auto trans. It was determined to be inadequately weather-proof, allowing water to enter the connector and corrode the pins, causing electrical problems. If you are looking to swap into a pickup the 360 is the one people are using. I have read that it has better fuel economy but my main concern is if it has the power to haul the intended load or if it has any drawbacks. " It might be a little old but I like the truck and is now equipped with a 454 gas engine and a 3. 88:1 gear ratio. Around the throttle shaft will be a sheet metal cover. Although digital controls are not present, it does have a mechanical injection system. DMDave. I have done it. It's part of the appeal. 5 turbo and bolted to a SM465, NP 205, D44's and 35's. 9L International DT360 I-6 I decided to do this swap and built this truck over a two-year period. 16 Feb 2011 I can't wait to see some people post real world fuel economy numbers from the DT360 in a pickup. 4. International 7. First step: Choosing the correct rear seal installer for the Navistar DT360, DT466, DT466E, 1530E, 570, 570HT The fact Navistar has 3 different seal sizes on the 466 engine leads to confusion on what rear seal installer I need to order. 5 would on the floor. 9 L (360 cu in) (1986–1989) Caterpillar 3208 10. 10 RA). 99 F550 CC Western Hauler. International DT360,408,466,530, Ford 6. Nov 28, 2013 · About those international DT engine problems: I drive school bus part time. away I need some advice on which swap I should do. want mpg, and not to be scared of any Swap in a questionable 6. The cost of getting just 8 miles per gallon was seen at every single fill-up. 9L International DT360 has a bore and stroke of 4. The engine would be a 6. . NI🅱️🅱️A WHAT?? You need to swap in a 5. Aug 12, 2020 · Once i shake down my newly restored beast i want to go up Santiago Peak here in S. May 17, 2010 · One of the local auction houses has an 87 MS 250 with a 5. 9L / 7. The diff ratio makes the 454 strain with a load but makes it suitable for a diesel. Guys for fucks sake you are all being idiots here. $500. Feb 05, 2011 · Well im not sure on the DT466 but i have had a 8. 3 IDI TURBO DIESEL LONG BLOCK ENGINE. 2. C15 Cat – the Cat 15 and C16 Caterpillar diesel engines were workhorses. but getting stuck is not an option so i need to determine whether i strap a gallon of extra gas on somehow. I've seen DT466's (and the newer DT466E's) powering everything from school buses & wreckers to tri-axle dump trucks & semi tractors. jarrodblake. Or if I want FWD, the Mazdaspeed3 at 263 HP, 3200 lbs, and 25 mpg on 91 octane. Plus a DT360 has huge power potential if I ever decide to take it that far. I ride 300 miles a week, 95% of it on the highway. 21 rearend. Durable, but completely overwhelmed in anything over 20,000lbs. Duncan. 00R20 tires,9ft x 34ft hydraulic driven bed, 18 bale cap. 9 Cummins, International DT360 and DT466 can not be compared to any of the engines  18 Oct 2007 As far as fuel economy, power, and longevity goes. 0/6. Those Perkins would give 25 MPG in a half or 3/4 ton pickup . Jan 16, 2015 · Considering fuel economy numbers near 30mpg for highway-skewed driving (no overdrive) the Ford Sierra is an antique you could daily drive. 4 from a 2001 F150, with a 5 speed manual. Rating: N/A Votes: 0 The Navistar VT 365, also sold as the Ford Power Stroke, is a Diesel V8 engine. 21 Nov 2014 2wd here is what i am looking at : DT360 mechanical Engine , with a I am considering to do a swap in the near future and trying to get some info I would think as slow as you can get the engine, will yield most MPG, but if  31 Aug 2010 Down inside the pump, after you take off the big cover on top, you'll see a small bolt with a jamb nut. Problem is that I'm somewhat gearbound with 4. Very easy to do. Nov 23, 2014 · am considering to do a swap in the near future and trying to get some info here, since i could not find a good write up for an OBS swap. Fuel injector symptoms for bad, faulty, dirty, clogged, leaking injectors: poor starting, idle, performance, fuel consumption, failed emissions, detonation For one it has wet liners. mechanical injection Average miles 12. During this time, the Japanese economy was recovering from World War II. This is how I did it. The whole point is to have a laugh, and it's obviously very good for that. 2004 F 350 4WD Utility with a Cummins 5. These blocks have a 5. ford-trucks. Tailored for Jeep®, Land Cruisers, Land Rovers, light trucks and other swaps, the high-tech R2. We have had about 12 of them lose engines in the last 2 years. mele@penton. UK 6. From what I am seeing, I would do a refresh of the motor and the few upgrades to have a reliable 400-500 hp motorinjectors, pushrods, valve springs, and turbo. 97 Midland Radio 75-822 Portable Mobile CB Radio, Large LCD Display, Keypad Lock, Plug and Play, Rugged Construction, Up To 40 Channels Call 967-5888 aft 6 1971 VW KARMAN GHIA new engine, clutch, paint iob, inspect-ed. I have a Pete 335 ISC 8. 18 Feb 2010 for a rather thirsty engine, getting only 30 mpg or less when honking down a sand wash—and the smallish gas tank only held 2. com/ forums/1184330-starting-my-76-highboy-dt360-swap. The 358 is a lot lighter. 65 mph is 2000 rpm. 1991 INTERNATIONAL 3800, BUSES we sell parts for buses rear axle, front axle ,springs, motor,dt360, dt466, cunnins transmitions allison 545-643 , seat A Bus Export - Website Hollywood, FL | 2,575 mi. The 5 speed is perfect, as 5th is direct drive, and I have geared my truck towards direct drive, e. Just a idea to look at, for possible cars and trans. Sep 15, 2020 · (GOOD USED) 1991 International DT360 Diesel Engine For Sale, 185HP @ 2700RPM, 6 Cylinder, Mechanical Injection, 5. International Navistar DT466 Maxxforce Oil Cooler Filter Assembly 1842544c94. Will need our oil filter relocation kit to clear starter on certain application motors. 9 Cummins and use it, use it intelligently for a few hundred thousand miles then try the same with a Navistar engine used by Ford. Jul 15, 2016 · This ruins fuel economy since all of the fuel may not be combusting, and you have to press harder on the gas pedal to get the car to move. The most common DT360 rating was 190HP, while the DT466 was 210 at the same 620ish lb-ft. Rating. 256- three6twosixsix7fourCalls Only. 9 Common Rail Conversion pairs nicely with either manual or automatic transmissions. IH DVT-573B: 8-cylinder: V8-engine: 573 cu in (9. 2 build. Besides, motorcycles are meant to be modified. we've seen oil burners transform fullsize trucks into 30 mpg fuel sippers, 1,000  I want good power but also good reasonable gas mileage. 27 Aug 2015 I was wondering if it is possible to swap in a Navistar DTA360 in place of a 6. Absolute best medium-duty diesel ever made, bar none. Joined: Jan 4, 2007 Messages: 3,074 Location: SoCal. 2128 Dayton-Smicksburg Road, Smicksburg PA 16256, 814-257-8506 Wanted: Wanted DT360 North Bay 28/08/2020 Wanted DT360 engine for project If you have a 5 or 6 speed transmission that would be a bonus Even a complete 4700 international truck would be good Aug 10, 2018 · I’ve been averaging about 52/53 MPG. E4OD transmissions manufactured prior to 1995 had an issue with the MLPS, or “Range Sensor”. Engine Manufacturer: International Mileage: 264,460 mi. When researching my swap I kept hearing conflicting reports that ranged from "It bolts right up" to "It will work, but you have to make a special spacer for the bell and have the shaft turned down. com As a cost-effective method for boost, Holset fixed geometry turbochargers excel in technical performance, which directly translates into engine fuel economy. Could always keep it an international 5. 93 (I believe) the 7. Join the brotherhood of over 75,000 CK5'ers today! Aug 08, 2019 · Also, these engines sip fuel up to around 3000rpm and then start guzzling anywhere after that. Nov 14, 2020 · 1991 International 4000,Series 4900 hay truck, DT466 Diesel Turbo Engine, 6 speed Automatic Transmission, Air Brakes, 11. Oct 02, 2020 · We have 22 INTERNATIONAL DT360 Engines for sale. Just want a nice tow vehicle that will be reliable and not get 5 mpg while towing or just cruising around. ft ] step 3 = Rotate 60 degrees 135 mm [5. Even more refined of a drive, than the 12v or 24v Cummins Engine. Nov 09, 2015 · The DT/DTA 360s were available to 230HP and 720lb-ft Tq, very similar to the most common DT/DTA466 ratings. We have 20, of the 2004/5 International buses with the DT466 or DT360? engines. Navistar has a ton of problems. The Dt466 is MUCH bigger at 1400lbs and 44" long and 32" from oil pan to valve cover. [Archive] Dt360 2008 f450 Diesel Conversions. Top speed was 63 MPH and I ran it at 55. My feelings about the at545 are the same and i have been looking at swapping in a mt643/653 or md3060 the md3060 seems unfathomably more difficult with all the complicated and unclear electronics. BY SEAN KILCARR. Fuel Economy, HP & Torque Increased on International DT570, International DT 570, DT570 with Diesel Power Chips, Diesel Performance Chips, Diesel Chips AT542 was the weakest of the Allision transmissions used in md trucks and primarily came in school busses and light md trucks with less than 225 hp (5. like the IH 466 and the newer IH 530. dt360 swap mpg

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