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Bird wattmeter slugs

bird wattmeter slugs 88. Origional Leather Bird Case. This is New in the box. Slug gezocht Bird thruline wattmeter 4712 + 6810 line section. Page 16. The board is The USB connector and on/off switch are accessible through the side openings originally intended for spare slugs. ANTENNA TESTERS AT-100, AT-400, AT-800 + CASES . net/~jpk5lad/BIRD%20Slugs/birdslug1. Bird 43 Wattmeter Element Slug 2500W 2. The Bird line section connects to the MB-1 with no intervening interface circuitry, and no modifications are required to your Bird wattmeter (or line  OVER 1,300 SOLD. 00 16 bids + $16. Condition: Untested,  24 Aug 2017 It seems a bit pointless having two elements exactly the same, so I was wondering about modifying one to indicate a Below are some pictures for anyone not familiar with the classic Bird wattmeter, said by some to be the  623 items Get the best deal for Bird Radio Communication Meters from the largest online selection at eBay. I'll add this important note: The Bird wattmeter, whose sensor can be considered a "lumped-element" device, is only looking at the voltage and current present at its output port. 63. is the elements you are talking about the screw in slugs near the bottom of the meter? Sep 13, 2016 · Bird has diversified into other RF products for a reason. if that distance stretches out some the bird will start to lose even this degree of effectiveness, while the buck and slug would remain far more effective. Results 1 - 25 of 422 Struthers / Bird 43 Thruline Wattmeter Watt Element Slug Reading Meter / NICE. Thruline® instruments can be left in the line for continuous monitoring of either the transmitter power output or the amount reflected by the antenna. 79 Bird Model 43 Wattmeter Bird 4301 Thruline Wattmeter The Bird 4301 Thruline Wattmeter is the same as the Bird 43 except for the following physical differences: The auxiliary DC connector on the Model 4301 can be used to connect to an accessory line section. Elements, Slugs or Plug-ins; How Do They Work? Model 43 Wattmeter Family. I tried different radios using a good 1. the two bad ones showed 70 w and 60 w respectively. SpCIRonDso5r6Aed1G4. Quick view Add to Cart. This sale is for one new Bird 4304A-1 replacement element. Browse G4mf 18 Tractiongrips on sale. Think of it as tradition and market saturation. The meter element itself will short as you rotate the slug, but that is a good thing. Performance Characteristics and Capabilities. All of our products carry a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Bird Bird 43 Thruline 30Ua Replacement Wattmeter Element / Slug Reading Meter Face Bird 43 Thruline Wattmeter Line Section / Meter Face SWR Power digital meter kit with protection LCD HF VHF - 30-300 Mhz up to 1000W Bird 43 Thruline Wattmeter Dual Line Section 4522-002-8/9 SO239-UHF Collins 100 watt and 1000 watt forward and reflected power meter. Special Order. K8IO. Click & Collect. No shack is complete without one. Bird 43 Wattmeter Elements Martin RF Supply - Online Store Most Online USA Orders Over $90 Ship FREE - ALL NEW ELEMENTS SHIP FREE! Model 43 Thruline Wattmeter: Directional Wattmeter, measures both forward and reflected power. Adjusting the pick-up loop may also be necessary. scientists discovered the Brazilian white bellbird's "extremely loud" mating call peaks at about 125. Prices are determined with a formula involving prior selling prices, current stock, and cosmetic condition. Check Sr, forward and reflected peak or average power displayed in watts or db, and more. Sep 13, 2011 · Simple mod for double the range of expensive slugs for the Bird 43 series. Differences are discussed in Chapter 6, on page 35. On all 3 meters inputting 100 w, the good slug showed 100 watts while. Use with one or two slugs at a time. Parts needed only a switch and a 5k precision trimmer. We supply the U. The RF detection parts were a 1 1/2 turn coil of about #18 silver plated wire connected to the diode on one end and a flat feed-thru capacitor on the other. Mascaro WA3JUF - April 1986 Bird Slugs can be modified to read different power levels for full scale. 5 Watts 105-120 MHz (431-102) Pre-Owned. Sort by. Thanks to Pino IK0SMG for hardware support, and K9SO for his document about Bird wattmeters on www. FS: Bird 25E slug/element for Bird 43 wattmeter. 28 Modification to Bird 43 Slugs D. ebay. Martin RF Supply offers the best selection of new and used wattmeter elements in the world! The Bird Model 43 N is shown left with optional elements (sometimes called slugs). 99. This element is designed for use with the BIRD APM-16 wattmeter. I inserted a 500 watt slug for 100-250 Mhz. Jul 25, 2015 · I was excited to pick up a Bird 43 Thruline Wattmeter at the Thunderbird ARC Hamfest back in January. Accurate CW field power measurement over 25-1000 MHz and 5-500 Watts. 100-250 mhz VHF - 150mhz commercial band / 2 meter ham. Meter Lot Corp. The dual meter configuration simultaneously displays forward and reflected power. Other Bird 43 Elements (Special and low power 2 meter 432MHz, 800, 900, 1000MHZ) BIRD 4410A , 4411 4412 and 4410 elements. Wattmeter Element Slug 1000w 25-60 Mhz Bird 43 Coaxial Dynamics 82019 1000a Apr 11, 2016 · Bird: How to repair a Bird slug: C: CDE: Ham III Series 2 Rotor: CIR - Astro 200: BPS-200 Power Supply: SOC-200 Console: Noise Blanker Mod: ANL Mod: Auto Shutdown Mod: Collins: Service Bulletins: Curtis: Model K5, "Lil' Bugger" Keyer: D: Dovetron : MPC-1000C: MPC-1000R: BBP-100: DSI Instruments: DSI Model 5600A Counter: E: Electro-Voice: EV-664 Spec 116 transparent png images related to spec. Make the connection with a standard RG- 58/U cable. Bird 43P Watt Meter + Six Slugs + Dummy load + Adapters + Box. $11,746. NOTE: Bird (USA) RF Power Meters and Elements Solid State Electronics (UK) policy is to fully test all the various Bird, etc. 5" x 7. -These work directly on the 2300 MHz band. +C $48. The If you want to see the difference between birdshot, buckshot and slugs, watch this video. Pre-Owned · Bird. This slug is only about a year old and I put very little wattage through it. Replies Bird wattmeter slug 2. This will work in all the Bird 43’s and alike with its line section, and Cases. Bird Field Strength Element (Slug) $99. (see the Bird Electronic Corporation Catalog for details). 3×2. 22 Oct 2019 Brazilian and U. Non-Cancellable and Non-Returnable This is a nicely built Wattmeter project that just needs the meter to complete it. Show. I started looking for a 5kw slug right away- there was a vendor selling them that day but i  15 Dec 2019 Off topic. Then grasp the front housing Bird and Sierra wattmeters are known and I have a Bird Thruline Wattmeter model 43. Info. Bird Electronics Wattmeter Slug $74. Price is per connector. We request you indicate your destination postal code, and if it is a business address with or without dock forklift. S. They can however read from DC to Daylight at all power ranges. C $262. PNGCollections. Add to Wishlist  How I CHECK the elements is: ALL elements 25 MHz to 1GHZ up to 250 watts are checked for accuracy with either their full power or 100 watts against my bench 4410 at 50/  WELCOME TO NM3E's RF Wattmeter Pages! Coaxial Dynamics Only Elements that will work in the 43 / NON-43 elements are listed with the meter they work in. 09. Bird Model 43 Thruline© RF Wattmeter w/Bird 4300-400 PEP Module Installed, Measures TDMA CDMA DMR PEP PEAK CW SSB Pulse Burst450 KHz to 2. I've since picked up 2 more slugs for UHF and HF. Envío gratis  5 Feb 2013 I may have a chance to buy a bird watt meter in very good condition from a sk estate. Pre-Owned. Note : this is not for a BIRD 43 wattmeter. Kill a watt meter problems. nl. com <= Their slugs are interchangeable with the Bird slugs and they have some ranges that Bird might not, apparently. FS: Bird 43 wattmeter & case, Bird 50 watt 100-250 MHz element. 43 Figure a port- unit in a die east With a metal back which is unit is a I thor feet on the on Which the '3 to flat when For A on the froru the Olng face pro- Mar 14, 2012 · The way the slug is designed will not allow it to short out. Status, Good working order. Buy Nike React Element 55 now! slug 50-125 mhz 100w bird 3 slug 50-125 mhz 10w wattmeter 50 ohms with peak power reading Pearlie Gallegos is presenting: New bird 43 wattmeter 3 slugs and pelican case As new Bird 43 wattmeter with N connectors and vhf adapters, comes complete with 3 elements 1-100watt 100-250 MHZ 1-100watt 2-30 MHZ and 1-1000watt 2-30MHZ all in a PELICAN watertight case. 5-525 MHz, with two sensors, each with SO-239s. Delivery/product availability will be advised by order acknowledgment after order is processed. Technicians learned on a Bird, and they go out and buy Bird. fore. 31 Wattmeter Element Slug 250W 100-250 MHz Bird 43 Coaxial Dynamics 82033. Some of the less common Bird slugs (like the 2500 watt ranges) are sometimes cheaper from CDI too. Bird elements sometimes quit working because the The Bird Model 43 and other similar in-line wattmeters require plug-in elements (or Bird slugs). Armed Forces and RF Communication Professionals worldwide with new and refurbished parts. If you receive a damaged package note any evidence of damage on the freight receipt. telepostinc. The slug now tracks the reference from about 400 watts to 2000. if you have the slugs. For example, a 25 Watt slug can be made to read 50 Watts full scale. Shipping $12. Phil Clements wrote: > It only took me 44 years to learn this little tidbit, so I thought > I would pass it on as it is of interest to all bird Wattmeter users. BMI Surplus, Inc. For maximum reproducibility the Bird 43 must be handled within a very limited temperature environment. For sale, used watt meter slug. Now the meter might get off, but that too is mostly rezeroing the mechanical Bird 43P Watt Meter + Six Slugs + Dummy load + Adapters + Box. The dummy slug can be affordably machined into a very useful tool for testing desense, monitoring waveforms, and feeding  Uses industry standard Bird elements • Rugged metal housing for the most demanding environments • QC connectors minimize the need for adaptors when making critical measurements. 05:1 dummy load. with RF generator and dummy load. I also inserted my known good CDI (Coaxial Dynamics, Inc. 2-2. 5 in. There is a website that discusses how to open a Bird slug and modify it for a different power level and/or frequency range. Bird, THRULINE Wattmeter. Wattmeter Element  Items 1 - 10 of 466 Bird 430-5 Wattmeter element , 108-112MHz 100MW. Just thought I'd mention it. com provides you with HQ Spec transparent png images, icons and vectors. This link is listed in our web site directory since Wednesday Feb 20 2013, and till today "Inside Those Bird Slugs" has been followed for a total of 362 times. The Bird 43 wattmeter is a rugged, portable power meter with a practical way to change frequency and power ranges. Results 1 - 25 of 77 need accurate equipment output readings, Coaxial Dynamics Plug-In Elements ,interchangeable with Bird Electronic Corporation elements, provide frequency coverage and power ratings for your Directional Wattmeter. The patented bird scaring technique features a rotating  In this video the slugs are fired from a Benelli Nova with a rifled choke, but some clips are taken from the original prototype tests that were fired from a fully rifled slug gun. Below 400 watt’s the meter reads a bit high, above 2 kw I have no reference but suspect it’s OK. Search Results. com PicClick Insights - BIRD ELECTRONIC 250C ELEMENT / SLUG 250W 100-250 MHz for WATTMETER PicClick Exclusif. As I looked over the elements, I wondered if it was possible to gain access to the passive and active ele-. 15-16 Opc Platinum . FREE Shipping. Slugs are available separately on our website from time to time too! The different elements you plug into the meter determine the power and frequency range will be used. You'd have to dig into the specs or ask Telewave. £175. What does that dB number mean? It sounds really low and hardly worth bothering about, but it means you lose about 2. Bird APM-10E 10 W 400-1000 MHz Wattmeter Element/Slug: Active. requires 12vdc to operate. (posted on July 8th, 2018) 82014 Coaxial Dynamics Wattmeter Element Slug Watts Mhz Bird (86. 99 $29. VSWR is not displayed directly on the analog meter. BIRD is a king, provided it is an original product, without interfering with the interior of the meter and especially the inserts The Bird 43 wattmeter is a rugged, portable power meter with a practical way to change frequency and power ranges. $74. I put them into my meter about a week after they arrived,  「bird 43 wattmeter」の海外通販ならセカイモンで!セカイモンは約8億点 Bird 43 wattmeter body with mount, blank slug and BNC adapter. $166. <br>Buy online or give us a call at 781-871-8868. S/N 4722. A+seller. I found a guy selling a few and this one was in decent used shape. Bird's 4526 Dual Meter, Dual Element Panel Mount Wattmeter is a dual-meter, two element socket unit. My experience has been in using Bird Oct 19, 2000 · FS bird 500H slug, bird 43 wattmeter,bird 8135 dummy load. May 28, 2008 · I have a Bird 43 wattmeter that measures accurately with Bird and Coaxial Dynamics VHF elements. Unused As best I can tell, though, Bird did not make slugs smaller than 50 watts for the 2-30 MHz range. 29 Jun 2020 29th Jun 2020Online store: https://teespring. The directional coupler is called an element. 2020 Jada Punch Buggy Slug Bug Vw Beetle T1 Bus Complete Set. Bird 43 Thruline Wattmeter with N-Type Connectors and Seven Slugs. Dosy Inline Watt Meter TR-2000Mobile Mounting BracketThree Watt Ranges: 0 - 20, 0 - 200, 0 - 2000SWR. 03 Rev-2 (9-852-266-13) Bird 100a 43 Wattmeter Element Slug + Guaranteed + Shipped Free In Usa Wattmeter Element . We've dug up a very big assortment at competitive asking prices. Te koop bird  New Bird 43 Wattmeter Element Slug 500J-950 950-1100 MHz 500W,500J-950 950-1100 MHz 500W New Bird 43 Wattmeter Element Slug, 500 Watts 950-1100 MHz NEW (Quantity 1),The Model 43 is easy to use and simple to service in the  The FX-743 is an electronics board with USB connection for retrofitting into the well known Bird 43 wattmeter. Model, 43. If you already have some Bird elements this would be a great item for you. A functional and simple front panel layout lets you Bird Wattmeter elements/slugs. 25 shipping . The choice is yours—find your ideal SWR/wattmeter now and stay in tune with your transmitter’s performance! Dec 16, 2014 · Bird 4600 wattmeter calibration Post by Joe Friday » Mon Mar 11, 2019 7:31 pm I have a Bird 4600 3 inch wattmeter with two slugs (15kb3 and 30kb3)that I would like to have calibration checked on. The second socket permits the use of a more sensitive element to measure reflected power and accurately determine VSWR. FOOTNOTES Join Our Mailing List: Bird Wattmeter Case Part #: BWCSE Holds Wattmeter and 6 Slugs. Bird Watt Meter Slugs. In the US, the Bird Wattmeter is a military specified product, and those tend to stay around for decades. 0 vendu, 2 disponibles. 99 Price Range Under $64 / Under $112 / Under $286 / Under $487 / Under $787 / Under $979 / Under $1252 / Under $1700 / Under $2294 / Under $4225 Re-Order Listings Similarity / Almost Gone / Low To High Prices / Maximum Price / Recent Additions Bird Thruline Wattmeter Watt Element Slug Reading Meter 100w Vintage Unique B3. 56 + EUR 13. The slug has to be exactly forward or reverse in order to read anything on the meter, at any other position the meter contact will not be touching the slug contact. On a whim, I connected my Bird wattmeter to the station in place of the Dielectric meter. 50. Fit's both Coaxial Dynamics and Bird Electronic RF wattmeters. Two models have RF sampler ports, while the Bird 43P can measure peak power. 5kW 2-30 MHz Bird 43 Coaxial Dynam 82009 (2500H) Phil Clements wrote: > It only took me 44 years to learn this little tidbit, so I thought > I would pass it on as it is of interest to all bird Wattmeter users. Typically comes with three slugs: 2-30 MHz up to 1000 watts, 25-250 MHz up to 500 watts, 200-1000 MHz up to 500 watts. Results 26 - 50 of 244 BIRD Thruline Wattmeter Element Slug 1000J 950-1260mHz MINT. Similar to Bird PN 3610-031. slug known to be good. 98. Our Wattmeters can measure from 200 milliwatts to 5 kilowatts, from 160 meters to 10 meters with no slugs! They display both SWR and POWER at the same time! Note: This text is common to the entire line of Alpha 4500 Series Wattmeters. 16. 98 $ 166. **USED** BIRD 43 Wattmeter with 3 free slugs: 100-250 MHz 25W slug, 2-30 MHz 250W slug, 100-250 MHz 100W slug 25 W, 200-500 MHz (MC) - Unknown, may be Bird Electronic Corp. The Bird 43 wattmeter is a rugged portable wattmeter with a practical way of changing frequency and power ranges. Shop Ohms Reading 43 Slug 50 Wattmeter Model 11 E. Plugs are analog devices in which there is a certain dependence of indications in the function of the temperature which is not compensated. Popularité - 438 vues, 0. watts by Element", which grows 2 to plus in (See may the Sheet Ott A. Price ranges: H-slugs current retail price is All other slugs are around 80$ flat. View Filter Results. A few of the more common ones are listed below. Roger K6XQ The Bird wattmeter is usually the only antenna system instrument most commercial  Items 1 - 50 of 91 POWER METER SLUGS: BIRD, ETC. Quality new & used scientific equipment, in-stock & ready to ship ( Brand: BIRD ), ( model : APM-10B ), ( MPN: APM-10B ) Review (mpn: APM-10B for sale) APM-10B BIRD Wattmeter Element Slug APM-16 Watt Meter. QC Connectors New and used Bird and similar watt meters and elements. 7 out of 5 stars 495 $22. Find Lot Of 11 Bird For Sale Bird . £14. Various detector elements are available to measure from 100 mW to 10 kW over a frequency range of 2 MHz - 2. ) (a) A common European finch (Emberiza citrinella). Now an accurate PEP function would be useful and has already been done by a few people, who designed drop in boards. -These work directly on the 1200 MHz band. ns;l up to meter in [or sy reading, and SO. Picture Bird Thruline Wattmeter Watt Element Slug Reading Meter 100w Vintage Unique B3. Deskripsi Bird 43 Slug Element 50C Max RF Power 50 Watt Freq. Also included is a dummy slug to protect the coaxial line. - Impedance: 50 ohm - Connectors: N-female - No element (slug) Slugs available separately. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. htm ] Related: bird 43 wattmeter bird wattmeter model 43 bird wattmeter peak watt meter cb radio bird wattmeter slugs bird 43 bird 43 thruline wattmeter bird wattmeter 4304. About Inside Those Bird Slugs The resource is currently listed in dxzone. E 400-1000MHz GHz 1000MHz+ Other Elements (low power / odd frequencies) Bargain Elements Fixed 25-1000 MHz 5-500 Watt Element, Wattmeter 5, 15, 50, 150, 500 W, with no scale limitations except power limited to 150 W from 800-1000 MHz 25 MHz - 1. $130. Bird 43 Thruline Apr 27, 2016 · look at a Telewave 44AP. 00 John Deere, Massey Ferguson, Husqvarna, and more. Bird Model 43 Wattmeters NEW - Martin RF Supply www. 116-126mhz >Personally, I don't care for Bird wattmeters. I'm feeding a 5 watt marine signal into the left connector, through the meter, and out the connector on the right to a marine band antenna beam. How to Measure Transmitter Output Power and VSWR with a Power Meter; Bird 43 Directional Wattmeter: Overview and how-to use; Installing a Peak Reading kit into a Bird 43 Wattmeter Model 43 Thruline Wattmeter: Directional Wattmeter, measures both forward and reflected power. If your needs are to buy or sell equipment, we can be of assistance. Bird Electronic #4240-268; Beryllium Copper contacts for strength durability. Install a known good element in the Bird wattmeter. Training requirement, Yes. Bird 250h . O. 7 GHz, 100 mW to Power Meter Project category is a curation of 20 web resources on , Portable RF Sniffer and Power Meter, SWR Mega - SWR Power Meter, DJ9BV Power Meter. I have tried two new Coaxial Dynamics HF elements and the meter will not read with zero needle movement. AS. * Please note that Images created on this Website are the sole property of J. amero. Ending Monday at 10:23AM PDT17h 23m. A wattmeter is not included in this sale. 99 $ 22 . comes with 3 slugs (250w, 500w, and 2500w) hf types. 5" x 4. FS Bird 25C Plug-in Element 25 watt 100-250 MHz for Bird 43 Wattmeter. Bird 43 Thruline Wattmeter 501-75, 75-150 Mhz Directional Coupler The Bird Model 43 uses a sensitive microammeter (only 30uA) to indicate forward power and its accuracy is said to be +/-5% and insertion loss only 0. 00 Bird Model 43 RF Wattmeter w/ 10 Watt 100-250 MHz Slug and unknown frequency range sampling slug Unit tested O. comlp100. FREE Laminated VSWR Nomograph Chart Included With Order! Equivalent to Bird Model 43 Watt Meter Element 1000H; Gold Plated For High Conductivity; Interchangeable With  Bird, Carrying Case for 12 Plug-in Elements. I paid $130 for it at a ham flea in MA. Bird wattmeter slug 2. Element / Slug sku8149 Bird 43 Thruline 30Ua Replacement Wattmeter Element / Slug Reading Meter Face :$45. with the 250H slug I measure 5 watts, first mark from the A Google search for "Bird Elements" will generate leads on sources for 25A - 43 Slug (25-60 MHz) Bird**ALL OF OUR SLUGS ARE SOLD "NEW" AND UNOPENED. more for a good selection of slugs (however, Bird also sells switchable wattmeters, like the 4304A having a single BIRD 43 THRULINE WATTMETER SLUG ELEMENT 5KC3 5KW 5000W 100-250MHz. Accessories, Inserts (Slugs). It covers 1. 4 decibels, which is louder than a rock concert and chainsaw. Quick fix for this problem that works sometimes . It can be used in virtually and setting. Changing the calibration resistor inside the slug is all that is needed in most cases. This model features female N connectors for input and output. Thruline elements (slugs) for Bird Wattmeters, compatible with series 43 wattmeters. $139. bird 4304a Is Similar To: 095-2 Bird Electronic Element Slug Mhz For Wattmeter (43. ments. Ben Cowan; Feb 29, 2012; Onan Generators; 2. $300. What slug do you chose? Do you use 15 results for "bird 43 watt meter" New Replacement Meter for Bird 43 Wattmeter Bird RPK2080-002. My first try at this video stuff and editing on an IphoneSE was pretty rough! Hope it helps someone. 95 SOLD Watt Meter The Bird 43 watt meter is a portable insertion-type instrument for measuring forward and reflected power in coaxial transmission lines. £100. Just need guidance. Bird Model 43 Wattmeter. An HF/VHF switch selects frequency range and it handles 200 Watts. com/stores/orion-the-iguana-hunter I decided to test the Nielsen slugs . FS: Bird dual line section for Bird 43 wattmeter. Buyer to pay 6 flat shipping fee within the continental lower 48. Most Online USA Orders Over $50 Ship FREE - All New Wattmeter Elements Ship FREE! Paying the wattmeter (at the retail price of some 250$) is just the beginning of the money flow: as a matter of fact the wattmeter does nothing until you get one or more plug-in units or "slugs" for the power level and the frequency range of your  Thruline® instruments can be left in the line for continuous monitoring of either the transmitter power output or the amount reflected by the antenna. 3 GHz - $95 Asea Brown - $2409. Corp. Availablesignature of recipient is collected as proof of delivery Poniie PN1500 Portable Micro Electricity Usage Monitor Electrical Power Consumption Watt Meter Voltage Amp Tester (110V, 1500W)) 4. 50 Elements for Bird Thruline Wattmeters. The CU2214lU slugs are ac- calibration. Nike React Element 55 Eos Ck9285 001 Blackredwhite Sz 813 Free Shipping Find Nike react element 55 eos ck9285 001 blackredwhite sz 813 free shipping in stock. Made in the USA. Includes 2 hf slugs, 2 dummy slugs, wall wart, case and manual. . The plug-in elements (slugs) determine the power rating and frequency range of the Bird 43 wattmeter. 14310-43e10-000 Suzuki - $1665. Jan 23, 2016 · Bird: BIRD 4311 4314 Thruline Directional RF Wattmeter WW. Bird 43 Thruline 30 Ua Wattmeter - Repacement Meter Face. Diode Fixes Remove them. 5W 105-120MHz, (read more) Price: $12. P. With a RF load connected to the output, apply RF power to the input. com. 100 - 250 MHz. 95 shipping. Two slugs, each 2-30 mhz (one is 1kw full scale, the other is the 2. <br>We will work with you individually to find the perfect set up for your application. A 2-to-1 range is not so tough. Here we have my trusty Bird 43 Watt MeterIn comes complete with original case and 2 elements. 2020 Jada. Greenlee 7506 1/2-2 Conduit Size Slug-splitter Punch Kit Hydraulic Ram And Pump. More Information on Bird Wattmeters & Elements Bird 4240-268 - HN-Female QC Connector for Bird 43 Wattmeter & Load. My reason is because the range >splits are perfectly stupid and make them difficult to use. But the tricky part of making a wattmeter's pickup element accurate is the frequency compensation. 3 GHz. There is only one word to describe it really; perfection! Jul 05, 2020 · To the OP: take a look for a URM-120 military surplus wattmeter. Concept: The Bird Model # 43 Thruline Wattmeter is a very common test tool among Repeater Builders worldwide. Super grande quantité sur vues. 4. Bird. 1M - 1 watt, 2. k9so. Items 1 to 50 of 91 total, Page: 1; 2 · Next. ✅ Browse our daily deals for even more Bird 43 Thruline Wattmeter Watt Element Slug Reading Meter / NICE. Bird 43 wattmeter. going 2X 4X etc. $134. QC Solderless Connectors are easily changed in the field by removing and replacing four Buy BIRD 43 WATTMETER SLUG: 25C, 100-250 MHz, 25 Watt VHF 2 meter ham in Phoenix, Arizona, United States. Shipping $29. or Best Offer! sale ! Bird 43 Thruline RF Wattmeter ONLY. If the meter reading is intermittent with the tapping the problem is most likely the contact finger in the element socket. $25. 5" this case is a hard, heavy duty carrying case for the bird model 43 series watt meter elements - compartment holds 40 watt meter elements. Has been tested, and works as  2500B Wattmeter Element Slug 2500W 50-125 MHz Bird 43 Coaxial Dynamics 82054. 12x. This model features N connectors for input and output. Pretty high odds. Apr 10, 2017 · How I re-assembled and calibrated a Slug for a Bird 43 wattmeter. 00 shipping. [ http://www. I negotiated with him and walked away with the meter and a VHF slug. BIRD 43 THRULINE WATT METER w/PEAK READING. The Bird wattmeters cannot be adjusted or calibrated . remotely control them turn on/off with your smartphone when you're home or  Bird Thruline Element Slug 25B 25W 50-125MHz for use with Bird 43 WattMeter. 5Watts from your 100Watts so it's maybe a good idea to remove the wattmeter Bird Wattmeter model 43 Thruline - seeking HF elements. The slugs take advantage of the more linear V/I curve of the detector diodes. I work on boatanchors, (best I can :D ) and it would be handy. $13. Consumables, None. Tests were made on three different Bird meters and a 3rd. Dave Guimont wrote: > It is a Byrd model 4304Ait covers from 25-1000 MHZ with enough > accuracy for my use on L band. 8×2. Bird Wattmeter Slugs: 10C - 10W 100-250mhz 50C - 50W 100-250mhz 25C - 25W 100-250mhz 10A - 10W 25-60mhz 25D - 25W 200-500mhz 50A - 50W 25-60mhz 50H - 50W 2-30mhz 100D - 100W 200-500mhz Slugs are sold individualy Price in US Dollars - $ 65. Dosy Inline Watt Meter TR-2000. A · BIR-43-N. ] (Zoöl. The RF coupler line section with 'N' type connectors was made by Bird Electronics and accepts the standard slugs. The Bird wattmeter has been around for about half a century. THIS IS WHAT AN AWEASOME EMOGENE LOOKS LIKE Default Size M. Wattmeter Element Slug 250W 2-30 MHz for Bird 43 Coaxial Dynamics 82006 (250H) 5 out of 5 stars (11) 11 product ratings - Wattmeter Element Slug 250W 2-30 MHz for Bird 43 Coaxial Dynamics 82006 (250H) BIRD® NON-43 METERS Elements. FOR SALE! OVER 1,300 SOLD Bird 43 Thruline 30 Ua Wattmeter - Repacement Meter 330602845547 Bird 43 Thruline Watt Meter Element Slug 5000w 5000h 2-30 Mhz. Bird 43 - $174. Oct 21, 2020 · The Bird Model 43 N is shown right with optional elements (sometimes called slugs). 95 First Gear 150 Peterbilt Model 367 Century 1060s Wrecker, Black/red Bird Technologies - $1607. We maintain a huge inventory of new and used wattmeter elements and RF wattmeters for immediate shipping. The slugs contain the calibration and are a simple circuit with the pickup coil/antenna being the most critical part of the 3 active components. Martin RF Supply is the worlds best source for Bird RF Wattmeters and RF Wattmeter elements. Range 400-470 Mhz, Connector Type Sma, P/n 10w Sgq-450-mini Very Nice Bird Model 43 Wattmeter No Slugs. Kit Includes: Model 43 Wattmeter and 50W 50? Elements are available in a variety of power and frequency ranges. This will work in all the Bird 43's and alike with its line section, and Cases. The Bird 4520 series come ready for panel mounting. Customs services and  I recently bought a used Bird model 43 wattmeter. £12. 98. Both are bad. The Model 43 is easy to use and simple to service in the field. amore a kind of bird; akin to G. -Bill Second Hand Bird Thruline Watt Meter A rare classic, in good overall and working cosmetic condition. Greenlee 7506 . $475. QRP TO QRO. Bird ® provides a quick and convenient way for consumers to purchase select products, accessories and replacement part kits. Telewave also makes nice "multi-band" wattmeters, no slugs. Observe the variable or fixed resistor, cessed in the same manner as the Bird ele- and also notice the two recessed screws. ALL HAVE BEEN SOLD As an alternative "E" range slugs work reasonably well with a drop accuracy. Somebody did a nice job building this. Low VSWR and insertion loss, ±5% of full scale accuracy. 3. 75 Add to Cart bird 43 case for 40 watt meter elementssize 11. Used Excellent Condition. OTHER NON BIRD 43 ELEMENTS >>> APM-16, 100ua, APM, DPM ETC . Bird Electronics Wattmeter Slug. Wattmeter Element Slug 25w 200-500 Mhz For Bird 43 Cdi #8203 · Pelican 1200 Case For Bird 43 And 43p Wattmeters Improved Pr. The white nylon 4. Finch and M. $66. The slugs are interchangeable with those for a Bird Model 43 wattmeter. ,105-120 mhz 250mw, Coaxial Dynamics, BIRD430-61Bird, wattmeter element. CD820B425, CD820B063, CD820B055, CD820B113 wattmeter element. [09/18] This current model is also available new: UD91 Bird 43 $199. Vind fantastische aanbiedingen voor bird 43 watt meter. 1dB. From United States. A variety of Bird slugs are available to cover a wide range of frequencies and power levels. 1 month ago on ebay. 入札 4,273 円 Bird 500A 43 Wattmeter Element Slug + GUARANTEED + SHIPPED FREE IN USA. Is there a Bird forum somewhere that could help me? I have a Bird Model 43 whose accuracy I am wondering about. The slug is an analogue device where certain temperature dependency takes place for what is not compensated. These slugs can also be modified for different frequency bands. ELEMENTS for the Bird® 43: H 2-30mhz(CB) A 25-60MHz (CB) B 50-125MHz C 100-250MHz D 200-500MHz. 47 postage; From United Kingdom; Wattmeter Element Slug 25W 200-500 MHz for Bird 43 82038. or Best Offer  burned out and well-used Bird and. male pin to F-Type Female Straight RF Coax Adapter Connector 2pcs RP SMA  Topband: QRP and Bird 43 Watt meter help I have a Ten-Tec Omni VI Plus Power turned down to minimum. However, there is the possibility of the transmitter output entering the signal generator and creating intermod if used for the purposes of making a desense measurement and should be seriously considered. Feb 01, 2017 · The product line has expanded since the 1950s, and custom slugs for broadcast and industrial customers show up on fleabay from time to time. Was: Previous Price C $85. Page 53: Bird 4305A Replacement Bird Watt Meter "Slugs" Thread starter MotorCraftMan; Start date Jul 5, 2020; M. FOR SALE! FREE Laminated VSWR Nomograph Chart Included With Order!25 Watts 2-30 MHz (Coaxial 390815573328 BIRD TECHNOLOGIES' 43P Radio Frequency (RF) directional wattmeter with peak reading accuracy of 8% of full scale. Many users also call it a “slug” or a “plug-in”. Bird 43 H 2-30 MHz Elements/Slugs. Mint. Bird Warranty period offered: 90 days from date of sale And I'll note that the dimensions of a bird slug are very much less than the wavelengths it's operating at, especially at HF. Shop wattmeters with true peak and average readings, 20/200/2,000-watt ranges, amplifier bypass for high SWR, high SWR audio alarms, large 6 ½-inch scales, remote sensors and more. 75 ( Brand: BIRD ), ( MPN: 4410-5 ) Review (mpn: 4410-5 for sale) 4410-5 BIRD Thruline Watt Meter Element Slug model 25-80 Mhz 1kw 43 Wattmeter. Ending Sunday at 7:20PM BST 3d 11h Click & Collect. or Buy It Now  Results 51 - 75 of 423 Bird Thruline Model 43 RF Power Meter Wattmeter with Leather Case & 2 Slugs. Bird Coupler This is the internal part of the Bird 43 directional wattmeter. Winkel met vertrouwen. The main category is Power Meter Project that is about Power Meter Project. $39. We are proud to offer the unstack foam in place packaging system. About Us As a professional user of the BIRD series of wattmeters since the late 80:s I have seen and tried other manufacturers of slugs over the years, But no-one comes close to the quality and precision on the market today, and hardly even BIRD themselves even "back in the day". com in a single category. This is, of course, if we are >talking about Bird model 43 or similar. net 2080-002 Bird Replacement Meter Movement The 2080-002 Meter Assy. 6 views per day, 701 days on eBay. $145. sin interés. 00 postage. Picture First Gear - $109. 320pf FM AM Crystal Radio Antenna Tuner Balun ALPS Variable Capacitor 20pf. High impact case with durable ABS latches for carrying up to 12 elements. The 43 Wattmeter is a field-proven portable, insertion-type instrument designed to measure both forward and reflected CW power in coaxial transmission lines under any load condition. 1 – 10,000 W. show contact info Bird Model 43 Thruline Rf Wattmeter Aviation Kit 25w Load 25 Watt Element New Bird 43 - $299. £475. THRULINE wattmeter an wattmeter, designed match in I t 43, vswR Less l. Featuring Last available for sale right now on the internet. WE DO NOT ACCEPT RETUR. 8 Vdc. 0 GHz Sep 30, 2020 · Bird Electronic Corporation wattmeters power measuring equipment wattmeter 43 element BIRD wattmeter RF Power Measurement, wattmeters, elements, line sections, slugs, dummy loads, QC connectors, watt meter, attenuator RF Wattmeters and Plug-In Elements Bird offers a wide selection of RF Wattmeters for measuring forward and reflected power in coaxial transmission lines. 14 Bird Technologies 5000-ex / 5000ex Used Tested Cleaned Business & Industrial; Agriculture & Forestry; Construction; Electrical & Test Equipment; Circuit Breakers, Transformers; Connectors, Switches & Wire; Electrical Bird watt meter elements wanted wattmeter slugs (san antonio) Sold at 1 $ I am looking for the following bird 43 watt meter elements (slugs): 25h 2-30 mhz 25w 100h 2-30 mhz 100w 500h 2-30 mhz 500w 25a 25-60 mhz 25w 100a 25-60 mhz 100w 500a 25-60 mhz 500w 10c 100-250 mhz 10w 25c 100-250 mhz 25w 100c Odessa, TX » Electronics; I'm selling several of my bird slugs. 50 shipping . 7. 4421 METERS AND 4024, 4025, 4021,4022, 40xx SENSORS + 4421 METER CASES. $91. Make: Bird Technologies Model: APM-10E Location: Arizona Posted by: testeqe : WATTMETER ELEMENT SLUG 25W 2-30 MHz for Bird 43 Coaxial Dynamics 82003 (25H) - $232. 50Ω, Cooled Coaxial Air Rf 8922 Dummy Watt Termaline W Load 5000 Bird Termaline Air W Bird Load Watt Dummy Rf 50Ω, Cooled 8922 Coaxial 5000 $1500. An icon used to represent a menu that can be toggled by interacting with this icon. Tap lightly on the element. Tested and within Bird Specifications. Of Bird Thruline in stock. This is a 30 Ua Wattmeter face. $68. 1000 Watts 2-30 MHz (Coaxial Dynamics # 82008) (Quantity 1). MOTOROLA Wattmeter - Model 43 - Bird Electronic Slug - Watt Meter. AF6LJ, Jul 26, 2017 Recently purchased Bird Model 43 element failed to work . 1 3 lbs sh. £ 7. EUR 32. en. com Bird 43 Wattmeter Element Slug 100C 100-250 MHz 100W New 729198669553. Measures both forward and reflected CW power in 50W coaxial transmission lines. You get what you get The thruline pickup is a brass casting that looks like a kitchen faucet. Bird 43 Watt Meter Element slug 10E 400-1000 MHz 10W. Bird Slugs can be modified to read different power levels for full scale. Competition has been slow to appear. Sep 25, 2007 · of nylon is the piece which you see on the lower section of all Bird slugs. Thruline Wattmeter Model 43 Slug Reading Meter 50 Ohms For Sale. Bird Plug-In RF Elements are calibrated in accordance with meticulous Bird calibration  Results 1 - 25 of 249 Buy bird wattmeter and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! Great Savings & Free Delivery Used: Bird 43 110-1 Thruline Model 43 Wattmeter Element Slug 1W 110-160 MHz. Bird 43 Thruline 30 Ua Wattmeter - RepacementMeter Face. Bird 43 Thruline Wattmeter 501-75, 75-150 Mhz Directional Coupler Bird, Coaxial Dynamics & Dielectric wattmeter slugs. $282. Quality matters and TestParts is a trusted supplier of genuine OEM components. 4% similar) For items not made in the. May 09, 2015 · Jul 18, 2014 - The Bird Watt Meter QC connectors are commonly used in Bird, Struthers, and Coaxial Dynamics watt meters, line sections, panels, and many other applications. 2 2009. This slug is probably at least  Bird 43 Watt Meter. Both were listed as new old stock (NOS). £199. Member: Joined: May Tue 30, 2006 4:46 pm Posts: 10130 Location: Dec 08, 2019 · Two slugs, each 2-30 mhz (one is 1kw full scale, the other is the 2. 59. There are a couple of U. I need it for measuring the maximum output of my HF amp build. Each plug-in element (or coupler) samples the voltage at the point of insertion and samples the current via a loop. (posted on April 1st, 2018) Documents Similar To Calibration and Repair for Bird Wattmeter Elements Carousel Previous Carousel Next Sony Hvr-mrc1 Service Manual Ver 1. Industry standard meter, measures over 450 kHz to 2. In fact, the model 43 itself is just a bit of Bird wattmeter. Quantity Add to Cart Add to Wishlist Bird wattmeter Thruline power sensor B4164S model 4164S 70 Bird Model 43 Thruline Wattmeter. Ever since Bird stopped using the metal shell for their slugs there is little difference between Bird and CDI units. this is a hard… 1 month ago on ebay. Last updated, 21 March 2019 23:44: 49. The slug I had was a 50C which was calibrated for 50 watts in the range of 100-250 MHz. Except where indicated, instructions and specifications for BIRD 43 THRULINE 30Ua Replacement Wattmeter Element / Slug Reading Meter Face - $60. Has been removed from unused equipment and includes a coax cable with a bnc connector that would connect to a meter. martinrfsupply. This particular watt meter comes with dielectric bidirectional rf wattmeter model 1000a has peak reading modifition installed, lighted dial (switchable off or two colors) comes with and uses standard bird slugs. html, lp-100a meter, lp 100a digital vector wattmeter, lp-100a watt meter, lp-100a digital vector wattmeter for sale Bird Technologies Element 400-450 Mhz for Series 43 Wattmeter (430-255) BIRD Element for 43 series wattmeter Frequency: 400-450 MHz. Filter Results. Coaxial Dynamics slug 5kw 400-1000mhz. 100 Watts 100-250 MHz NEW (Quantity 1). Bird 43P Watt Meter + Six Slugs + Dummy load + Ada . Two extra elements can be stored in the housing. 6. $1780. 95 Bird 43 4431 Thruline Wattmeter Watt Element Slug Reading Meter / Nice Bird 8922 Termaline Air Cooled Rf Coaxial Dummy Load W 50Ω, 5000 Watt. (100c). Bird 25D 25W 200-500 MHz Wattmeter Element Slug. Drake W-4 Wattmeter Calibration. Bird 250h 250w 2-30 Mhz 78 Wattmeter Slugelement For 43+ Rf Meter. More than one connector may be show in photo to better illustrate product. 53. Another ham friend and me both have 100 w slugs for 100-250 Mhz. Buy It Now. 15-16 Opc Platinum Tyler Seguin 49 Retro Orange Rainbow Opeechee Stars 2015 Product Reviews for Bird Technologies 25D Element 200-500 MHz 25W 43 Series Wattmeter (25D) Product reviews help other customers decide which product to purchase, where the best deals are, and your get a sense of what to expect with the product. Jul 18, 2014 - LC connectors were designed for large coaxial cables like RG-17, 117/U, RG-18, and 118/U. (expensive) and they are very rugged. Sierra wattmeter elements. Includes Collins 542-4116-004 directional coupler, 458-0388-00 3" square wattmeters, phenolic rotary switch with knob to select meter scale and a ceramic rotary switch to select an antenna or dummyload. £50. There is one 500w slug that covers the hf band. 00 3 bids + $23. With a full-scale accuracy of ± 5%, it accurately measures RF power with low added VSWR and insertion loss. $150. 450 KHz – 2700 MHz, 0. 5 kw full scale) are very much at odds with the readings I get from either my high-dollar LP-100A Digital Vector wattmeter or my good ol’ Swan wattmeter. This article will show you how I took a simple dummy slug and turned it into a very useful tool for testing for desense, monitoring waveforms, and feeding other equipment. Details about Wattmeter Element Slug 2500W 2. Sub-category, Group: Amateur Radio. Bird 43 Thruline Wattmeter Watt Element Slug Meter Description: Bird 43 Thruline Wattmeter Watt Element Slug Meter Manufacturer/Markings: Thruline Wattmeter Model 43 s/n: 134256 Approximate Dimensions: Standard. Bird 4240-278 - HN-Male QC Connector for Bird 43 Wattmeter & Loads. > > The standard Bird HF slugs like we all use are marked 2-30 mhz. No slugs (elements) are included. 5KW 100 250 MHz CDI #82055 The Bird Model 43 watt meter is the defacto standard for measuring transmitter power in-line. I used a bit of contact cement to put the lid back on. 0 bids. By the time you get a Bird 43, then buy a handfull of slugs, you will get a 50 watt for your mobile and a large one for hf, then some others to match what you need, the Telewave needs no slugs, covers from 20 mhz to 1000 mhz, power from 5 watts to 500, you are money ahead to get the Telewave. 00 10w Duplexer, Freq. 80. Only 20 left in stock - order soon. The arrow on the slug is pointed to the right to measure forward power. If you would like photos of the exact unit units that will be receiving, please send us a request. Featuring a large 3. Bird 43 Wattmeter Element Slug 5000j-1100 1100-1260 Mhz 5000w New. This listing is for a 25 watt 100 - 250 MHz Slug tested and fully functional. 14310-43e10-000 Suzuki Body,muffler 1431043e10000, New Genuine Oem Part Bird 4410A 43 Thruline Wattmeter Watt Element RF Slug Reading Meter Empty Case $29. Bird 43 Thruline Wattmeter Meter Slug Element 2. Subject: [amsat-bb] It covers the following power levels 5/15/50/150/500 watts (switchable) and all of the above with one slug!!! And less This manual covers the operation of the Bird 43 Thruline Wattmeter and its descendants. Bird warns the cloned parts aren`t interchangeable with the genuine article. Bird 10E 10W 400-1000 MHz Wattmeter Slug/Element 43 Dosy Inline Watt Meter TR-2000Mobile Mounting BracketThree Watt Ranges: 0 - 20, 0 - 200, 0 - 2000SWR. bright orange LCD display, the MFJ-849 HF/VHF Digital SWR/Wattmeter reads SWR, forward and reflected power digitally in a single glance. Using a modified and terminated Bird Wattmeter slug for signal sampling is a highly desireable means for observing off the air signals, for observing desense, and transmitter output. $60. Resources listed under Power Meter category belongs to Technical Reference main collection, and get reviewed and rated by amateur radio operators. For example: >Radio on the bench is a 110 watt Micor. 12 Mar 2020 I bought two Bird elements on a popular auction site: 5 watt, 400-1000 MHz (5E) and 100 watt, 400-1000 MHz (100E). $978. This same box also stores my Bird 43 wattmeter (official name: RF Directional Thruline Wattmeter Model 43). $8. 5 kw full  I have seen several Bird slugs that have been drilled through the top, presumably to It does decrease the resale value of the slugs, however. clones. VSWR. Martin RF Supply offers the best inventory of new and used plug-in wattmeter elements in the world. So far received 1 votes for a total score of 9. $199. 5. 2. Oct 13, 2017 · The Bird Model 43 watt meter is the defacto standard for measuring transmitter power in-line. Finch via SSE (UK). $151. We do not have a suitable meter. Requires elements. K. Apr 28, 2020 · Bird wattmeters, Henry RF power amplifiers for communications and paging RADIODAN, Henry RF power amplifiers, BIRD wattmeter, watt meter, Tohtsu coaxial relays, RFI interference chokes, Samlex powersupplies The Bird Model 43, and other thru-line wattmeters, are based on a “lumped constant” directional couplers. The LCD is backlit and the meter runs on 13. Quantity Add to Cart Add to Wishlist Bird wattmeter Thruline power sensor B4164S model 4164S 70 Lot Of 11 Bird E. Bird 43 Wattmeter Element Slug 50l1 1700-1990 Mhz 50w $69. It's sort of, kind of similar to the Bird 43 but can often be found on eBay complete with slugs and carry case for $200 or less. Don't know when the "H" slugs first appeared for sale. With a full-scale accuracy of ±5%, it accurately measures RF power with low added VSWR and insertion loss. for THRULINE® Wattmeter Models 43, 43P, 4431, 4521, 4522, 4526 and 4527 consists of: - (1) 2080-002 Meter Movement Assembly - 923-RPK000 Instruction. Plug-in elements determine frequency ranges from 2 to 1000 MHz and power levels from 1W to 10KW. The color of the male is bright yellow on the breast, neck, and sides of the head, with the back yellow and brown, and the top of the head and the tail quills blackish. Condition:: New: A brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item in its original packaging (where packaging is applicable F/S BIRD ELEMENTS ABOVE 1 GHz I have for sale the following BIRD elements for use in a BIRD 43. 99 postage. ) 100 watt element into the Bird. In fact, the model 43 itself is just a bit of NEW ELEMENTS SHIP FREE - IN STOCK - Bird RF Wattmeters & Elements Same Day Shipping for Orders Received Before 12 PM EST Free Shipping on Most Orders Over $90 Bird Electronic - Coaxial Dynamics - Telewave - Daiwa - RigExpert Office Hours Mon-Fri 9-5 EST (781)430-0450 Bird ® Model 43 RF Wattmeter - The Industry Standard. 25 cal on my Priest2. ammer a yellow-hammer, OHG. BIRD ORIGINAL PRODUCT Element / Slug / Kancing Bird 43 WattMeter Thruline Type 50C Maximum RF Power 50 Watt Frequency Range 100 - 250 MMz I installed the peak and hold board in my Bird watt meter, and I'd like to use the combination with some low power I have a relatively inexpensive (cost less than a single Bird 43 slug) used Diawa SWR/Power meter that I  Description: The Bird Model 43 Thruline Wattmeter is a very common test tool among radio technicians worldwide. see and operate at dv electronics in middleburg. 2% similar) Selling the meter and I dont need to keep slugs. Again, I think they're rated only to 1000 MHz, but might work "okay" at L-band. has a huge inventory of used, new and pre-owned Meters and Meter Testing Equipment for sale. C $68. available. Jul 25, 2017 · I plan to leave the slugs intact and remap the scaling for the meter , prob in a 1/4, 1/2,1,2,4 stepping. Max power: 500 mW. Highlighting last available for sale online. 7 GHz and 100 mW to  9 aanbiedingen in oktober - Koop of Verkoop bird op Marktplaats - Bekijk Lokale Aanbiedingen! Verkoop GEZOCHT SLUG BIRD 43 400/1000MHZ 1000WATT. 45 shipping. 00. jpg. 99 Slugs: Required Choose Options 2-30 MHz - 500W 2-30 MHz - 1000W 2-30 Mhz - 5KW 2-30 MHz - 10KW 25-60 MHz - 25W 25-60 MHz - 100W 50-125 MHz - 10W 50-125 MHz - 50W 50-125 MHz - 250W 100-250MHz - 5W 100-250MHz - 50W 200-500 MHz - 5W 400-1000 MHz - 5W 400-1000MC - 5W Blank Aluminum BirdRF Online Store. Amplifying millivolts (42mV FS), passing that into an ADC doing the log mapping and then reversing the process to drive the meter will take a bit of doing. BIRD 43 Panel Meter 0-100 Mar 31, 2012 · , lp 100a, lp-100 coupler, LP100A meter, lp-100a wattmeter, lp 100 wattmeter for sale, lp 100a wattmeter, lp 100a watt meter, lp 100a meter, lp-100a review, lp-100a quick start, 10 kw coupler, http:www. The Bird Model 43 THRULINE® Directional Wattmeter is a field-proven portable, insertion-type instrument designed to measure both forward and reflected CW power in coaxial transmission lines under any load condition. [AMPS] Bird wattmeter elemnt question, Frank & Barb Ayers [AMPS] Bird wattmeter elemnt question, Paul Hewitt [AMPS] Bird wattmeter elemnt question, Terry Gaiser [AMPS] Bird wattmeter elemnt question, Paul Hewitt [AMPS] Bird wattmeter elemnt question, W3GCG@aol. It can be calculated from the forward and reflected power or read from a supplied nomogram. Couple small scratches on case, but slugs and meter are near mint. Low power VHF slugs can be used to make UHF or microwave slugs. hayseed. RF Power Meters and Elements before we offer them for sale. 25 Watt. 95 26d left Bird 43 Thruline Wattmeter Meter Element 4300-400 Peak PEP Kit NEW [For yellow- ammer, where ammer is fr. Different manufacturers, but compatible physically and electrically. 450-470 mhz 250mw, Bird, BIRD430-264 Bird wattmeter element 800-1000 mhz 250mw, Bird, CD820B165 wattmeter element 150-180 mhz 250mw, Coaxial Dynamics, CD820B330 wattmeter element 310-350 mhz 250 mw, Coaxial Dynamics, BIRD430-48 Bird, wattmeter element. 99 I am looking for the following Bird 43 Watt meter elements (slugs): 25H 2-30 MHz 25W 250H 2-30 MHz 250W 500H 2-30 MHz 500W 10A 25-60 MHz 10W 25A 25-60 MHz 25W 50A 25-60 MHz 50W 250A 25-60 MHz 250W 500A 25-60 MHz 500W bird 43 watt meter | eBay www. or Best Offer. is better than amplifying the lower ten percent of the scale. Ending 8 Oct at 10:07AM BST 4d. eBay. 00/10 Very Nice Bird Model 43 Wattmeter No Slugs. 2 - 30 MHz. -All prices include shipping in the USA. See more ideas about Connectors, Adapters, Rf connector. Sep 29, 2004 · The whole idea of a Bird, is a mechanically robust pick up and fixed slug that plugs in and out. Purchase G4mf 18 Tractiongrips online. Asea Brown Boveri Sa3000-ac-070-chop / Sa3000ac070chop Used Tested Cleaned Wattmeter Element Slug 1000w 25-60 Mhz Bird 43 Coaxial Dynamics 82019 1000a. Selectron specializes in pre-owned electronic test and production (assembly) equipment. Category. BIRD 4381 Description 4381 Bird Power Analyst Wattmeter. 99 $29. This can be useful if you have picked up used slugs at a hamfest or from an "as-is ' online auction. Bird meters don’t just work from DC to light though. 25 Jan 2017 BirdBoggle - no more bird droppings on deck BirdBoggle is a solar powered, electronic bird repeller which guarantees a clean boatsdeck without any bird droppings. Why anyone would try surprises me as the prices asked by the imitators don`t seem to be discounted. 95. bird wattmeter slugs

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